Monday, 26 January 2009


I did get the front of the Striped Sweater finished on Friday evening, and this weekend I have been working on the finishing details - it really is nearly all done. I have worked the garter stitch neckband, and this morning I have finished the time consuming work of attaching the sleeves.

It looks as if this will fit nicely. I coerced my husband into trying it on so that I could judge whether I had worked the sleeves to the correct length, and things are looking good.

Now all that remains is to work the two long seams up each side and down each sleeve.

I've got my little Rowan Newsletter this morning. This is looking better and better with every issue - there is a pattern for a neat little Felted Tweed cardigan from Lisa Richardson, and an Amy Butler sewing pattern for a fabric necklace. Plus a preview of the new season's Rowan Classic, and some proper pictures of the new patterns for Lenpur and Milk Cotton.

And now I shall return to the (nearly) endless seaming. This is a big pullover......

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Anonymous said...

Love the stripey sweater and the hat's looking pretty too. Just because I'm nosey (and also because I bought a fair bit of the scottish tweed aran and chunky in the sales!) I wondered what made you fall in love so with the double knitting? I haven't knitted with mine yet and do think it's lovely wool, so am, as always, interested in your expert opinion.
All the best, Terri