Tuesday, 27 January 2009


That's one sweater finished this year.

That was a lot of knitting, simply because of the sheer size of the thing - but a really lovely yarn to work with. This is Rowan Scottish Tweed DK, and it is wonderful - in fact this is now my favourite DK yarn. Maybe even my favourite yarn ever, and that's saying something. Yes, I like it better than Rowan Wool Cotton. The fabric is absolutely gorgeous. I want to knit with this yarn all the time now.....

This is the Striped Sweater by Wendy Baker, from the Rowan book Knitting for Him, aka Classic Knits for Men, depending on which side of the Atlantic you live. I made the largest size, to fit chest 48". It has plenty of ease to allow for wearing layers underneath - this actually measures 55" around. You see, I meant it, when I said it was a lot of knitting.

It is a lovely garment, I have very much enjoyed making it and I am very pleased with the finished result. My husband likes it as well - which is what really matters!

Yarn requirements in the pattern are definitely a bit off.

The pattern asks for 6 balls of the main colour for this size - that's Lewis Grey 007, the dark grey - that was fine; 3 balls of Grey Mist 001, the light grey - I only needed 2 balls; 3 balls of the accent colour - I used Lobster 017, and only needed 2 balls; 2 balls of Midnight 023 (fairly self explanatory this one) - I only needed one ball.

So all fine up to this point - in fact, yarn left over. I used felted joins throughout, by the way - so no yarn wasted when joining a new ball.

Finally the pattern asks for 6 balls of Stormy Grey 004, the mid grey. I used 7 balls, and I really did use all of them. All I had left when I finished the seaming was literally 50 cm of this colour - much too close.

So if you're thinking of making this size, I'd strongly suggest getting not just one extra ball of Stormy Grey 004, but two.

I do have something else on the needles.

This is Soul, from Kim Hargreaves' book Amber - it's a hat, by the way. The pattern is written for Rowan Kid Classic, and I am using a skein of Cascade 220 in 9459 Yakima Heather. The camera hasn't captured the colour at all - it is a sort of green/brown colour. Or maybe brown/green. Sludge colour, I think I said before, or possibly Compost. Earthy, definitely. I like it.

Anyway, the beads are Rowan's medium sized silver lined ones, the number on the bag (which I cannot find right now) ends with 08, I do remember that much.

I did wonder about the practicality of a beaded hat, let alone one where the beads are on the band - and I am very much hoping that it will fit. Hats are always too small for me. However I trust Kim's judgement - she does know what she is about! - and there are lots of people on Ravelry saying how pleased they are with this hat, although they wished they had made the smaller size. So that sounds as if it ought to be big enough for me, with luck.

It's pretty, it is very fun to knit, and it won't take long to finish!


Margene said...

The sweaters is a wonderful accomplishment. Good work. May your hubby wear it for years to come.

Jenny said...

That sweater is amazing, beautiful.

SewIknit2 said...

SUPER sweater! and love the beaded cuff!!
I've nominated you for the Kreative Blogger Award thingie, pick it up from my blog and pass it on if you want etc.
Happy Knitting!