Wednesday, 21 January 2009

It's here!

I am a happy knitter today.

My subscription copy of Rowan 45 arrived this morning. It is very, very good. I think that Rowan 44 was probably the best Autumn/Winter issue ever - and that this is probably the best Spring/Summer issue ever. Really. It is good.

The carpal tunnel problem is still with me, but seems to be improving now that I am wearing the splints at night. I will admit to being a bit surprised that these things have such an effect. I am still getting a bit of tingling in the fingers from time to time - I stop knitting when that happens.

I haven't reached the armhole decreases yet on the Striped Sweater. I've decided that if I don't get this finished before the end of the month, then the writing is on the wall - I won't manage NaKniSweMoDo and should stop thinking about it. I have to be realistic, it will not do to injure myself trying to achieve this.

And now I'm going to knit some more stripes, and read my lovely new magazine.


Margene said...

I was just looking through my old Rowan's for inspiration. I'll be looking for the new issue. It certainly isn't worth hurting yourself to make 12 sweaters. Take care and make sure you do your stretches.

PaulaRed said...

Hi Fiona! I wear the wrist braces too, at night, when I don't collapse on the couch, that is. It slows me down a bit. Can't wait to see your next Rowan creation. PaulaRed