Friday, 23 January 2009


Several things today.

I came across this on Ravelry yesterday evening - the Knit Kit.

The sound starts automatically, which is a bit annoying. But ignore that, or turn it off.

This looks like the single best knitting gadget I've ever seen. Available March 2009, it says. But where?

Also, I found some preview shots of the new Rowan Classic range, and the new Rowan yarns which will soon be in store. Have a look here.

I must say that I am quite taken with some of this, particularly the Lenpur Linen Collection, and the Milk Cotton Ladies Collection. Milk Cotton is lovely stuff, beautifully soft with a wonderful drape, and I am very glad to see some ladies patterns for it. I'm also pleased to see the expanded colour range.

Lenpur looks good too - I love the cardigan on the front cover of the pattern book.

Classic Reminiscence has some nice things as well. I particularly like this cardigan, and Pima Cotton DK ought to be just wonderful.

The Striped Sweater is going well. This morning I have finished one side of the front, and I hope to have the whole of the front finished this evening. Then I need to seam one shoulder and work the neckband, and then there is all the rest of the seaming.

I do like finishing off a garment - it wasn't always like this, but nowadays I find I do enjoy the seaming - but I am really wanting to get started on Polly, and it it very tempting to just get the needles out, cast on and work just a few rows ...... willpower, willpower! - finish this sweater first!


Kate said...

Ooh, that knit kit is brilliant! :-) I can see that popping up a lot in presents to yarny people, if the price is good.

I adore the new Rowan Classic patterns as well: I saw the advert for them in Rowan 45 and immediately wanted to knit most of them!

Lin said...

I can't wait to see all the new Rowan patterns ... I am off to look at the knit kit!