Friday, 16 January 2009


My magazine still hasn't arrived, and I am feeling rather deprived. Knitting group this afternoon though - maybe someone else will have their copy.

I am carrying on with the Striped Sweater. Really I want this finished, off the needles, done with - and the only way to reach that coveted state is actually to keep working on it.

Doesn't mean I can't plan other knitting, though.

I don't love Earnshaw any more, I have decided. I still love the Noro Kochoran, and I have a couple of ideas in mind regarding what to do with it, ie a bit of design work needed. I'll get there.

Next will be Polly. The pattern says RYC Cashsoft Chunky, and a tension of 14 sts over 10 cm - that is over a textured stitch, by the way. I've got Rowan Polar, which says 12 sts over 10 cm, stocking stitch. So that looks hopeful, but I need to do a bit of swatching just to be sure.

I have 12 balls of Polar, each 100 metres. So that ought to equate to 21 and a bit balls of Cashsoft Chunky - or 24 balls, depending on whether you believe the Rowan website or the Rowan shadecard that I have on my shelf. 55 metres or 50 metres per ball, whichever. The pattern says 13 for XS, through to 20 for XXL - so I ought to have enough yarn to make whichever size I choose.

I'm thinking that I'll make either the L or the XL - to fit 38" or 40" respectively. Finished width is 21 1/2" for the L and 23" for the XL - I don't mind it turning out large, in fact I think this needs a good amount of positive ease. So the XL looks good right now. I'd like to add a bit of length as well, and this ought to be possible if my tension is good.

I wonder if I can get the Striped Sweater finished by the end of next week? Anyway, I shall be doing some swatching with the Polar later on this evening.

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Martelle said...

My magazine hasn't arrived either :( I really thought that it would be here today. Hope that yours arrives tomorrow.