Thursday, 22 January 2009

Cooking with gas

I think that phrase probably dates me, but never mind.

Things are going along very nicely at the moment. The hands are behaving themselves - the splints really do help, I've seen an improvement every day since I've started wearing the things at night. I hadn't realised how much I had been affected by the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome until it started to lift - often the way, isn't it.

The Striped Sweater is coming along. Armhole shaping is done, and I'm nearly ready to divide for the V neck. Things will really pick up then, and it is looking entirely possible that this will be finished before the end of the month without too much effort.

You might remember that I was worried about running out of the mid-grey yarn - those fears were entirely justified. I have run out. However, I did buy extra yarn a little while ago, so that's alright.

Picture soon! - although it is a debatable point whether I'll be able to persuade my husband to model the finished sweater or not.....

Polly is still going to be next. I wonder - is it tempting fate if I say that it ought to be a quick knit?

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