Friday, 2 January 2009

Can't wait!

We have a treat in store. Rowan 45.

I am a mad Rowan fan, and have been for years, as you may have noticed already. If I had to restrict myself to knitting with just one company's yarns and designs for the rest of my life, I'd pick Rowan without a second's hesitation, and be entirely happy about it. In my opinion, they are just the best.

So, maybe I am a little bit biased here. But even so, the Spring/Summer 09 magazine is just brilliant.

There is a German shop with pictures online - have a look here. Evergreen, Driftwood, and Bloom are the names of the collections.

Bloom has lots of beautiful delicate designs. This sort of thing is not entirely my cup of tea - although Rue and Iris are both lovely, and I think that the Honeysuckle cardigan will be very popular indeed.

But Evergreen and Driftwood are just brilliant. I like Moustiers in particular - that would be my first choice from Evergreen, but I do just wonder if I could get away with it, or whether I'd look like mutton dressed as lamb. From Driftwood - Mulgrave, and Ravenscar. Must have. Really. So wearable! Exactly my sort of thing. There is Filey, too - my husband will like that.

I must admit, I was wondering how on earth they could follow on from Rowan 44. But this is better than ever.

I'm wondering about the new yarns, as well - because there are new yarns, I can see that. They should be in store for the beginning of February, and the magazine ought to be out two weeks before that. So that means two full weeks to wait.

And yes, it has crossed my mind that this is all very ironic when I've just been posting about Slow Stashing.

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