Saturday, 31 January 2009

Bad habits and good things

I am definitely getting into bad habits. I'm pretty busy during the day at the moment, so I have been writing blog posts during the evening. Nothing wrong with that of course - the problem is that I have been forgetting to actually post them.

So, a bit of catching up is in order.

Here are a couple of technique-based things which I do think are rather good.

First, a truly excellent post from Techknitter. If you haven't found this blog yet - go and have a look! Lots of useful stuff there. I have about 5 posts from this blog pinned on Bloglines for future reference, and that's extremely unusual for me.

Anyway - the post in question deals with casting off. You know how it is when you cast off a section, and still have stitches left on the needle to be worked - and the last stitch cast off produces a little bar across the front of the first stitch left on the needle. Techknitter has a truly wonderful way of dealing with this. Here. Go read it! Do come back though. There is more.

The other thing that I want to share with you is a YouTube video that I came across on Ravelry the other day. Brandon Mably talks about his design work, and also about how he deals with intarsia and fair isle. The weaving in method that he shows is one that I've used for a long time. A perfectionist might prefer to weave the ends in afterwards - but it works for me.

And rather more importantly, it apparently works for Brandon Mably and Kaffe Fassett, as well.

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