Monday, 29 December 2008

Well, well

I really am knitting again. In fact I seem to have gone from one extreme to the other, and I don't think this is a bad thing at all. Knitting is very soothing. It is helpful. It is therapeutic and helps enormously when dealing with stress.

If I ever stop again, will someone please remind me of that?

What else - the eReader. Please don't get me wrong - I love books. I have a lot of them, to the extent that we have pretty much run out of places to put bookshelves.

And I read a lot - I think that I'd read in my sleep if I could keep my eyes open. Whilst I'm knitting, I always have a book open. There is always a book in my handbag, along with some knitting. (Except that now it is nearly 200 books...!)

When I go on holiday I have far more space taken up with books than with anything else. In fact, if it were not for the books, I think I would manage quite happily with a single piece of hand luggage - I've got the holiday capsule wardrobe down to a T over the years, primarily so that I have enough room for all the books I take along.

But more than the actual books, I like to read. I will always still have the actual books on my shelf - I am not contemplating getting rid of any of them. But with regard to the actual reading - well, all I can say is, try it. This little eReader is much better than you'd think - or at any rate, it is much better that I thought it was going to be.

My husband has The Bug at the moment, poor thing. There always seems to be A Bug of some sort going around, and the one that everyone has at the moment is definitely flu-related but not actually flu - we've both had flu jabs this year. I am fine at the moment, though, thank goodness.

I still haven't picked up his Striped Sweater again. It won't be long, I don't think, but it won't be happening quite just yet. Small projects, with an end in sight - that's what I want at the moment. I haven't forgotten about NaKniSweMoDo, not at all. I just have to finish twelve sweaters during 2009, and the Striped Sweater will be the first.

So, in the meantime, the sock. I finished the foot last night - that's the arch expansion (no side gussets with this construction method), the heel turn, and the back of the heel - ending up ready to work the leg. At this point, I tried it on, and unfortunately it was a bit too short in the foot. So I pulled it all back.

I do remember when it was a big deal to pull back a piece of knitting that I wasn't happy with - it isn't like that at all, now, and I do think that this has made me a better knitter. Being entirely ready to pull things back if they don't work properly has certainly made for a better finished product, that's for sure.

This morning I have knitted up the foot again, and am just at the point where I am about to turn the heel. It doesn't look like that in the slightest, though, and it looks much too long. It looks as if I have not just knitted the foot, but halfway up the ankle, and the shape looks very strange indeed - most un-sock-like.

See what I mean? The shaping with this construction method is not intuitive - yet. I have a feeling that it will become so, though. With this second run-through, it is making more sense.

The other thing that is not intuitive - yet - is the way it fits. We are used to the stitches lying in nice neat lines, or at nice neat angles. A gusset here, a heel there. All very precise and predictable, and easy to produce. Yes, there is always lace and all the possibilities that go with it - but we still don't expect great big swirls of stitches, swooping right across the foot in an unexpected direction and working with the inherent stretch and compression of the knitted fabric to produce the shape that is wanted.

But I'll tell you something else. This shape fits my foot really, really well. The first attempt was too short, which meant not quite enough room for the toes. But the arch section fitted snugly and neatly in a way that I haven't encountered before.

I want to get these finished, because I want to wear them - and I want to knit more in this basic shape as well.

Cat Bordhi knows her stuff, really she does.


Shirley said...

I love to read too, and I always take a couple of books with me when I go away, but I haven't mastered reading and knitting at the same time yet. My mother always had her book on her knee when she was knitting.

Lin said...

Happy new year!
Lin x