Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New Year's Eve

It really doesn't feel like it, though. It didn't feel like Christmas this year, either, so I guess it's all part of the same thing.

Anyway - knitting.

I did a summary last year of all my finished projects, and it seems like a good idea to do the same for 2008.

15 sweaters -
1 hat
1 scarf -

5 pairs of socks -

1 wrap -

1 pair of slippers -
1 dog coat -
1 pair of mitts -

So that's 26 projects finished in all - and this year has definitely been the year of the sweater. Next year I still hope to finish 12 sweaters, but I hope that this will be balanced by more socks and lace.

Right now I am going to work a bit more on the Tall Tibetan Coriolis socks - the first one is nearly finished. This is a really, really good pattern!

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