Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Lucy is not entirely well again. She managed to snaffle some ordinary dry dog food yesterday, whilst we were visitingrelatives. Not a lot - but apparently still too much. It has triggered another slight episode of pancreatitis. We are watching her closely, and hoping that it will subside quickly - hopefully she'll be feeling happier and more comfortable soon.

I did finish her little coat/sweater, as I mentioned yesterday. I am not going to try it on her just yet, though - not until she is feeling better. However I am confident that it will fit.

Knitting continues, albeit slowly. The Noro travel sock saw some rows added today, and I am nearly at the heel flap of the first sock. It is surprising how much gets done in odd minutes as a car passenger. The vital thing is to remember to pick up the knitting before I go out of the door. Actually, it has just occurred to me that maybe it would be more sensible to leave the sock bag in the car in the first place. Why bring it into the house at all?

The Striped Sweater is about half way to the armhole on the back. I am not getting on very fast with this, unfortunately. I need to spend more time on it, of course.

I have been thinking about the list that I put together yesterday. It is fun thinking about knitting, and planning one's knitting, of course. I don't know that it is really very useful, but it feels as if it ought to be, and that is probably the next best thing.

Anyway, no cotton sweaters, and no Kidsilk Haze or other fine yarns. That won't do.

So, summer knits that I really want to make -

1. Sea Breeze. Another Martin Storey pattern, from Rowan Classic Beach. The yarn is Natural Silk Aran.
2. Chamomile, by Kim Hargreaves. Rowan Summer Tweed.
3. Cape Cod. An Alice Starmore classic - I plan to use Rowan 4ply cotton.
4. Spook. Sooo pretty. Beautiful Kidsilk Haze in Anthracite.
5. Dark Daisy. I've loved this pattern for years.
6. Portia. Kidsilk Haze again, and one of Sarah Hatton's excellent designs.

I could go on, but maybe it would be more sensible to stop there.

I think I need to stop making lists.

Oh, and Martelle? - I do plan to make Chamonix longer, definitely.

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Lin said...

Poor Lucy, I hope she feels better soon, and will we see a picture of her in her coat?