Saturday, 22 November 2008

Twelve Sweaters

Have you seen this?

I am up for this, definitely. This year it has been 15 so far - it will be 16 when I get my husband's Striped Sweater finished.

Here is it, by the way. I finished the back.

I am rather pleased with this, actually. It is big. It measures 27 1/2 " across, and 28 3/4" top to bottom - it was beginning to feel as if I was knitting a blanket, by the time I got to the shoulders. I wish I could describe the gorgeousness of this fabric, though. I've said it before about Rowan Scottish Tweed, and it is true - this is wool as it ought to be.

And I started the first sleeve.

That's the second ball of the main colour there, the dark grey. I was well into the third ball of the medium grey by the time the back was done. Will I have enough? Oh the suspense.....

Where was I?

Oh yes. Next year. Twelve sweaters. I think I can do it again - there are still so many things that I really want to make - and wear! Because wearing them is what it's all about, for me.

I've already been thinking about sweaters that I want to knit next year - don't you just love the 'organise' function in the Ravelry queue? But I don't think that I really want to list out my twelve just yet. I'll see what evolves.


Jadis is on the list.

So is Polly.

The Ojo de Dios Vest will also be happening.

Oh yes. Definitely.

I want to make a couple of things with Kidsilk Haze - at the moment I am thinking Spook and Portia.

And I want to make a couple of things with the Rowan Classic Cashmere Tweed that I have in the stash - Chamonix and Susie are both going to happen at some point. (Susie is a high-buttoned waistcoat in moss stitch, a pattern written for Natural Silk Aran)

But who knows?

Right now, I'm loving the Scottish Tweed DK, and I'm going to focus on getting this sweater finished!


Margene said...

I think our list of sweaters is bound to change over the next year.

Lin said...

I really like the colours in the sweater. I could never knit 12 in a year!