Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Still working on the Striped Sweater, and it is positively flying along.

Yesterday evening I finished the first sleeve, and this morning I cast on for the second sleeve. I am half way through the ribbing on that one at the moment, not a lot of point in a picture just yet.

You will not be surprised to hear that once again I am wondering about yarn quantities. The main colour should be fine, I have not yet finished ball number three - the pattern says 6 for this size. But the medium grey is another matter. I am well into ball number four, and again the pattern says 6 for this size. The front will of course use rather less of this colour than did the back - the V neck takes a big chunk out of that large solid medium grey area at the top. So maybe 6 will be sufficient. However, I have my doubts.

I am so glad that I am not doing any Christmas knitting this year - well, apart from this sweater. Last year it really turned into a burden, and I was quite put off knitting socks for a considerable while. Indeed, I have not yet really picked them up again properly.

Instead I am able to concentrate on things that I actually want to be working on, and I shall take pleasure in a considerable amount of 'finishing off' before the end of the year. I shall finish the Druid Mittens, which haven't got much past the cast-on in their second incarnation.

Proof positive that I really am magic looping.

I am looking forward to getting on with a new pair of socks for myself, and I still intend to make the Tall Tibetan Coriolis socks from Cat Bordhi's 'New Pathways' book, using the last lot of yarn from the 2007 Blue Moon Sock Club, STR mediumweight, in Bella Coola.

I am also planning a hat for myself. In Kim Hargreaves new book, Amber, there is a rather nice slouchy hat with a beaded trim - Soul. I haven't made a beaded hat before, nor have I ever worn a slouchy hat, and I am not entirely sure about it. But there are a lot of hats around in this style, and they seem to suit people - so maybe they will suit me too. Anyway, I want to make this, and I have wound up a skein of Cascade 200 in 9459 - Cascade will tell you that this colour is Yakima Heather, but it might be better described as Compost. Or possibly Sludge, as in mud from the bottom of a pond. Earthy, shall we say? And I have gone so far as to string the required number of beads, as well. But I haven't cast on yet. Don't hold your breath for this one though, I want to get the Sweater finished.

Also, I want to do a little bit of swatching ready for a forthcoming project, the Ojo de Dios Vest.

It is lovely to have things left so open! Too much planning can feel like a target that you have to meet.

Having said that, I am still planning to make twelve sweaters again next year, but that doesn't feel like a burden of any sort - instead it is something to look forward to. I hear that a Ravelry group is planned, name as yet undecided. I shall be joining it.

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Margene said...

That sweater IS just flying! No wonder you think you can do 12 next year. We can do it and keep it fun, too.