Sunday, 9 November 2008

Sunday morning

I might have got slightly sidetracked actually.

Firstly I haven't managed to take another picture of Lucy in her little coat. She hasn't needed to wear it - when she does, that will be the time.

Also, there is this.

I cannot remember where I spotted these online, but spot them I did. They are so simple, and just right. Here is the Ravelry link - and here is the pattern, although I'm not so sure about the tension given there. Anyway, I found this yesterday evening and immediately went to get yarn and needles, and cast on. Half an evening = one mitt finished. You could easily make a pair in one evening.

And here I demonstrate that it is not so easy taking pictures of one's own hand. The second one will be on the needles as soon as I finish this post - I want to wear them today.

I am using Cascade 220 in a colour that I think was called Ruby or something similar, size 4.5mm dpns, and I made the hand section slightly shorter than the pattern says. I don't have long elegant hands with beautiful slender fingers - I have chunky, square hands. Peasant hands. And with these mitts made to the full length of the pattern, my ends of my fingers were just peeping out the ends. Not quite the look that I wanted. But a bit shorter, like this, they work very well.

The problem now is that I want to make more mitts. Current favourites are Genmaicha - pattern here - I spotted these when I saw Margene's beautiful version on her blog. Although the Knotty Gloves are a close second - again, it is all due to Margene! (Hi Margene! I promise I am not stalking you!)

I also want to start the Green Autumn Mittens, but - ahem - cannot find the yarn that I had in mind. It will turn up, probably after I cast on for something else.

I thought I would show you the progress of the Noro travel socks.

As you can see, I have turned the heel and started the gusset. Pretty colours, I think.

The striped sweater is progressing extremely slowly. I took it with me to knitting group on Friday, but didn't manage to work a single stitch - I spent most of the afternoon teaching someone to crochet, and the rest of the time chatting and forgetting to work the gusset decreases on this sock. Knitting group definitely requires a mindless stocking stitch project, if things are not to go astray in the course of the afternoon.

I remember talking recently about things that I wanted to get finished before Christmas. I decided that there were four things that I wanted finished, and a fifth that I wanted to get onto the needles. One thing is finished - the 8 square slippers - but the striped sweater definitely needs a lot more time spent on it, and I haven't cast on for either Tall Tibetan Socks, the Earth Stripe Curtain, or the Trapeze Top.

I have, however, located the pattern for the Trapeze Top. The yarn, though, is another matter. I know it's there somewhere. Probably right next to the yarn for the green mittens......


Lin said...

Lovely mitts and I am glad Lucy is getting better. I like her coat!

Kate said...

Lovely mitt, and the colour is really warming. :-) I think mitts are my new favourite project. I've just finished a pair of Fetchings, started only yesterday evening. That beats socks easily!