Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Several things, including a question

Have you seen this?

Wonderful. I spotted it on Juno's blog, by the way. (We have the same taste in sensible shoes.)

Also rather interesting is this. Do try it, it is not difficult at all, although it does take a few minutes to drag and drop things where they need to be. I was amazed to discover that apparently I have perfect colour vision, along with my various degrees of shortsightedness and so forth.

And that lead me to this, which is really amazing. And also this.

Four-channel colour vision instead of three? Wow. But, if you were a tetrachromat, how would you ever know it? Because it would simply be normal to you.

I've seen tetrachromacy mentioned as being associated with precise colour memory, which is a very useful thing to have, but I am doubtful that it can really be connected because tetrachromacy is apparently extremely rare, and I'm sure lots of us have precise colour memory. I certainly do, and I have always taken it completely for granted. I know that my maternal grandmother did as well. Although my mother does not, nor does my sister. I'll have to ask my daughter whether she does....?

But how common is this colour memory? Is it something that most of us have? Or not? I have no idea, really. I've just been assuming, and that isn't a good thing to do, usually. And it has occurred to me that I could just ask you, here.

So - do you have precise colour memory? When you need to choose paint to match a fabric colour - or indeed a fabric to match a paint colour, or some tapestry yarn to match a pullover that needs mending - do you have to check a sample, or can you do it in your head, by memory?

Enquiring minds want to know! - this might be interesting......!


I have finally frogged the Druid mitten. I'm going to try magic looping it on a nice long Addi lace 2.5mm circ.

Now, please don't laugh. I do love my dpns,as I've said many times, but I did knit a sock on magic loop once, just so that I could say I had done it. I am sure I can work the mitten this way if I put my mind to it, and indeed I think it would be easier if all the back-of-the-hand stitches were in one run - which is why I am trying it.

You know, I always feel that magic loop ought to be the logical way to work socks, and yet I always come back to my dpns. (Two circs? Nope. I just don't feel the call.) Let's see if this mitten will be a turning point!

And the mojo is back - I am knitting again. Just about up to the armholes now - I am at the stage of measuring it on various surfaces and trying to work out whether it is a good idea to do another couple of rows, or not. Why do I find this so hard to decide? It ought to be so straightforward.

I did a bit of arithmetic this evening (yes, procrastinating again) and worked out that so far, I have worked 21, 573 stitches of this sweater. And I can tell you, it feels like it, too.

This sweater is big.

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