Wednesday, 19 November 2008

On we go

I am none the wiser regarding colour memory. I am still interested in this, though. I have always assumed that it cannot be a rare thing, that there must be a significant proportion of people who have it. But it is just that - an assumption. I don't have any data, really, and it is not sensible to make assumptions like that. So I am going to (try to) put a poll in the sidebar to the right. Lets see what happens.

It is worth mentioning perhaps, that having colour memory doesn't necessarily mean that someone has any sense whatsoever when it comes to colour combining, for fair isle and so forth. . My husband is the one for that - the artist's eye, I believe. Me, I tend to rely on grey and black, as I'm sure you've noticed - always works, although not very imaginative.

The Striped Sweater is flying along - well, relatively speaking.

I am past the armhole shaping - yay! finally! - and I have finished the stripe pattern completely. The remainder of the back is worked solid in the medium grey colour. Mindless stocking stitch - always good!

The back is now reduced in width sufficiently that it can lie out straight on a 60cm needle (although only just) and this morning I laid it out over the top of a favourite sweatshirt of my husband's. It is the same size. This is a great relief to me. Yes, I measure, and yes I check tension, but it is not quite the same thing as actually seeing that it is the same size as a favourite garment.

I definitely prefer the red that my husband chose, to the sunset orange used in the pattern.

Also, as usual, I am now worrying about whether I will have enough yarn. The pale grey, the black, and the red will all be fine. The dark grey - probably ok. The medium grey, though - not so sure at all. The pattern says 6 of each, for this size. I am well into the second ball of the medium grey already, and cannot imagine that I won't need to start the third one before I get to the shoulders.

I started the Druid Mittens again, on a very long Addi Lace 2.5mm circ, magic looping. I haven't done much so far, just a couple of centimetres of the cuff, but they are going along alright and I seem to be getting used to the extreme loopiness of it all.

Although there is one thing.

I have discovered something even worse than that moment with dpns, when you think you are pulling out the spare needle, and you discover that you had actually grabbed one that had stitches on it - past tense. The equivalent moment with magic loop - I don't need to spell it out, do I?

I shall try not to do it again.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I am glad I'm not the only one to have done that thing with the dpn! Haven't yet tried magic loop with socks - but am finding it very difficult at the moment to get hold of Addi needles - I'm looking for 3.25mm and 2.25mm and every place that I normally go to is out of stock! I've also been considering an interchangeable set, but not sure whether they include small enough sizes for 4 ply stuff?
Lisa x