Tuesday, 4 November 2008

More sweaters

Round about this time last year, I was wondering if I could manage to knit twelve sweaters during 2008.

And in fact I came out with a list of twelve planned sweaters, which makes interesting reading.

1. The Simple Pie Vest. This I did make - for my husband, from some nice Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran.

2. The Cobblestone Pullover. This one happened too. I made this for myself, from Rowan All Seasons' Cotton, and as it happens I am wearing it at the moment. I think this is the ultimate soft comfortable sweater, and it is surprisingly flattering too.

3. Mr Greenjeans. Er, no. And I am not planning to make this now.

4. Marble. From Rowan 41, a Kaffe Fassett pattern. No to this one, as well. I do still want to make it, though.

5. Kinsale. Yet another that never made it to my needles - at least not yet. It will happen at some point, though. Just not quite yet.

6. Bohus Grey Mist. This is embarrassing. No, I haven't even cast on yet.

7. Jamesey. Nope. Not going to happen.I have been thinking about the Cornish Knit Frock from Indigo Knits for this yarn, instead. But I'm not sure about this now. Maybe it would be better to choose a pattern that doesn't need to shrink. What about Hudson? I like Martin Storey's patterns, they are always good.

8. Cora Pullover. This is a Mission Falls pattern. It is still nice, but I don't think it will ever happen.

9. Thrift. Nope. But I will make this, I still love it.

10. Earnshaw. Yet another one that I haven't managed to get to. But I will, I will!

11. Benedikta. Yes! I made it! And I love it, and it gets worn!

12. Cape Cod. Not yet. But I can dream.....

So, it would appear that I am very bad indeed at planning what I am going to knit. Out of 12 sweaters, I have actually finished just three. And of the remaining 9, only 6 are still in my Ravelry queue - which, by the way, actually has 126 items at the moment. Far too many, without a doubt - but at least it gives one the illusion of being organised.

I have, however, managed to knit 15 sweaters during 2008, so far. Which isn't bad at all. I hope that it will actually be 16 sweaters before the end of the year, because I really ought to get my husband's Striped Sweater finished for him. He's waited long enough, goodness knows. And if I get the Trapeze Tank done (ha ha ha ha ha) then it will be 17. Or not, which is more likely.

And no, I am not counting Lucy's little sweater, which is finished, by the way. Although it is actually a sweater, I don't think that is quite in the spirit of things, tempting though it is. Dog sweaters don't count.


So, what about next year?

1. First off, it has to be Polly. I have yarn for this, some lovely Rowan Polar - long discontinued of course. And I even have buttons, too.

2. Earnshaw is still on the list. Big, loose, soft pullover in lovely Noro Kochoran. Yes please.

3. Kaffe Fassett's Lantern Cardigan. I have the Colourscape for this, but I'm still waiting for the Scottish Tweed Aran that I've chosen - there seems to be a supplier problem, but it will get here in the end, I'm sure.

4. Kaari. Yet another sweater that is exactly my cup of tea. This goes on the list, definitely.

5. Bohus Grey Mist. Because I am feeling really guilty about not even starting this gorgeous thing. If I don't cast on soon, then someone please kick me.

6. Moss Stitch Jacket, by Sarah Dallas. I saw this gorgeous version in real life earlier this year and was inspired. Mine will be in Heath, a soft tweedy brown.

7. Colbert. I plan to make the pullover version of this, in Rowan Tapestry's Leadmine colourway. Attached scarf? Undecided. But I like the boxy drapy shape of this. Very wearable. On the list, then!

8. Salina. Margene was my inspiration here, as she has been before with other projects. (Hi Margene!) When I saw this, I knew that I had to make one of my own. Avocado for me!

9. Chamonix. Ravelry has No Featured Photo and No Projects listed for this, which is surprising, as it is beautiful.

10. Donatello. Goodness I am getting ambitious. But yes, I want this.

11. Susie, from Rowan Classic Beach. Again, nothing on Ravelry yet for this. It is a simple button-up moss stitch waistcoat, written for Rowan's Natural Silk Aran. I intend to sub Rowan Classic Cashmere Tweed. Yum.

12. Everyday Cardigan. This is a Peace Fleece pattern - simple and straightforward. I have some hand-dyed Peace Fleece in a lovely lavender/lichen colourway, sport weight.

And I will just mention Helen Hamann's Trapeze Tank - but I am going to try really hard to get it done this year.

Looking back through this list, it does occur to me that there is nothing in cotton. Also, no Kidsilk Haze. That can't be right.....


Martelle said...

That's an impressive list of sweaters to knit/crochet. Are you going to make the Chamonix longer? I love the pattern, but would want to make it a lot longer to keep warm and snug.

Anonymous said...

Mmm, quite a few there I really like! Actually was looking at the Sarah Dallas moss stitch jacket yesterday. I'm knitting a cardigan from that book for my husband at the moment using yorkshire tweed instead of scottish tweed. I've also got some yorkshire tweed that I'd like to use for the moss stitch jacket. D'you think that would be a good sub for this pattern too? Regards, Terri (p.s. thanks for the reply to my last question about Kari x)

Gabriela said...

Fi, this is spooky - I've just received the wool for Polly from Kim (which I've ordered before seeing your blog), I'm doing it in Officer. I'm looking to start it this w/e once I've finished Kari. Great minds think alike...