Monday, 3 November 2008

Monday morning

It's been a strange weekend. Before I talk about what else has been happening, here is some knitting.

The 8 square slippers are finished. My husband likes these, and suggests that I make him as many more pairs as I feel like - and indeed I will make more, but not just yet.

These are made from 8 different bits of sock yarn leftovers. The pattern - here - is in Finnish, but you get the general idea. Cast on whatever number of stitches you think appropriate, work a strip of garter stitch equivalent to 6 squares, in whatever colour combinations you wish. Pick up along the side and add another square in two more places. Fold - this procedure is interesting, and even with the diagram can be somewhat puzzling until you've got the arrangement in your head - and seam. All very quick and easy.

They are incredibly stretchy, and I do mean that. I used 3.5mm needles, sock yarn held double, and I worked at 6 stitches per inch. For these slippers I cast on 18 sts - they are a little on the small side but still a comfortable fit for my husband's UK size 9 feet, and (I think) a rather better fit for my size 6 feet.

Here are the Noro Kureyon socks for my husband - my current travel knitting.

This is my standard sock pattern, to fit my husband. I am working on the usual 2.5mm needles, and this is colour 150, chosen by my husband when we dropped in to visit Get Knitted the other day.

This yarn has Noro's usual thick-and-thin thing going on, and it has a feel to it that is almost hard. Not bouncy. This is what you'd expect from a yarn of this weight that is a simple single, though, and I have confidence that it will soften up and bloom with the first wash.

Here is the Striped Sweater.

As you can see, it is progressing slowly - this is mainly because I keep stopping and doing other things, of course. This pattern is by Wendy Baker, from Rowan's book Classic Knits for Men, aka Knitting for Him. Ravelry link here.

I am making the size to fit chest 48" - the largest size in the pattern - and the only thing that we are changing is the accent colour. My husband didn't like the Sunset orange used in the pattern, and decided that he would prefer the dark red of Lobster - so that is what you see above.

The yarn is Rowan's ever-gorgeous Scottish Tweed DK, which is just wonderful to work with. Wool as it should be, truly.

Finally, there is one more project fresh onto the needles.

I am making Lucy a little coat/sweater thing. It has become apparent that she is feeling the cold nowadays, so this seems a sensible idea. This little sweater is based on Corrine Neiser's pattern Penny - Ravelry link here - but I am making some changes. Firstly I am making it a bit wider - and secondly I am going to make it longer, to cover all of her back. I cast on for this yesterday, and with luck (and no disasters) it will be finished later today. I am using Cascade 200 from stash - I expect one skein to be sufficient - and the colour is 8400, a soft charcoal grey.

I would just note here that if you are planning to make this pattern as it is shown on Knitty, be aware that there are some typos. Nothing that isn't going to be easily spotted, though, and certainly nothing that would prevent you from actually making the garment.

Now, other matters. We had some news this weekend - a relative is in hospital, having had two heart attacks out of the blue. She is 48.

She had one episode on Friday, but didn't recognise it as anything needing urgent attention, and carried on with her day at work. Then she had another one, on Saturday morning. This time, her husband was there, and took her straight to A&E. In short order she was in the cardiac unit.

We associate heart attacks with crushing chest pain - in fact there was a poster campaign not so very long ago, which emphasised this. It turns out, however, that when a woman has a heart attack the symptoms can be very different.

My relative's initial symptoms did not include anything that she would describe as chest pain. Her left arm 'went numb' and 'felt strange'. This numbness spread up through her left shoulder and neck, along the left side of her jaw. After a little while she felt some discomfort which she thought might be slight indigestion. And her mouth went dry.

I'll say it again - she is 48.


Lin said...

Sending get well soon wishes to your relative, I nursed some very young cardiac patients, it does shock you.
I love the red and grey colours in the sweater, my favourite colours at the moment.

SewIknit2 said...

I'm 47 and been diagnosed with A-Fib a year now (not the same thing of course, nor nearly as serious) but I didn't think I'd have anything happen to me like this, especially a woman of my age!
Wishing your relative a speedy and effective recovery!
Super knitting btw!