Friday, 14 November 2008

Just things to do....

Here we are again, and it's Friday. Where did the week go?

Wednesday evening I was taking part in a market research discussion group - very interesting actually. More about that later. Yesterday we were visiting relatives, and today it has been errands non-stop all day.

I've got some proper reading glasses at long last, and one of the things we did today was to pick them up from the optician. (Tesco. Yes, we are a class act around here.)

I should call them knitting glasses really. I don't need them at all when I am reading, but I do find that when I am sitting and knitting in the evening, and we are watching a film on the television, then it is not so easy switching my focus from the work in my hands to the screen across the room. If I wear reading glasses and look over the top of them to see across the room, then no problem.

It does feel like a bit of a landmark, getting reading glasses. I had my eyes lasered a few years back - actually now that I think about it, it is almost seven years now. They fixed one eye for distance, and the optician says that I still have perfect sight in that eye - and they left the other eye with a little bit of shortsightedness (is that a real word?) so that I wouldn't need reading glasses 'for probably about 5 years'. So - six years and nine months later - that worked out nicely.

Getting the eyes fixed wasn't cheap, but so worth it for me. I'd been quite shortsighted all my life - enough to be unable to reliably recognise people across a room without my specs, and certainly enough that going downstairs (or up, come to that) without my specs on was distinctly dodgy. So I had glasses from about 5 years old, contacts from about 18 (no soft lenses way back then in the mists of time, hah) - and I only decided to have the eyes fixed because I was starting to need reading glasses when I had my contacts on. I couldn't face wearing glasses over my contacts. Or bifocals? - no thankyou, let's just fix the eyes. And they did.

Guild meeting tomorrow morning, it's the AGM this month. I wonder if they will have sold that gorgeous Herring wheel. Or the Wee Peggy. I was seriously tempted by that - it is so much prettier than mine, and it is in perfect order whereas mine is a bit on the wonky side. Also, I am going to see if there is any more of that Suffolk/Jacob cross fleece. I have decided that a bit more would be a good idea.

And I'm still knitting. The striped sweater is almost up to the armholes - yes, slow. I know. The travel sock is progressing slowly - we went to see the in-laws yesterday, and I was able to knit on the way up. I have decided that the sock should live in my handbag, not in the car.

Have you seen the new issue of Twist Collective? It is very, very good indeed. This collection of patterns is really quite exceptional. There are a lot of things that struck my attention, but I have only actually bought two of the patterns. (Yes, restraint. I can do it if I try.)

The first is Jadis. This is not a complicated pattern - but just look at the result. Simple, wearable, classic - just lovely. I love the clean hemmed edges, and three quarter length sleeves are a favourite of mine, too. Fortunately, I have some Rowan Classic Silk Wool in the stash. This has been mentally labelled for about five different projects now - and I shall use it for this. The tension is different - the RYC Silk Wool works up at 5.5 stitches per inch, and Jadis calls for 5spi. However I can work the instructions for a larger size at the closer tension, and end up with the dimensions that I want. Yes, I've got enough yardage, in fact I should have one ball left over.

Anyway, this is now high in my Ravelry queue.

The other pattern that I have bought is Heroine. This is a felted jacket in Cascade 220, and I am really not sure why it calls to me - but it certainly does. I wouldn't choose that olive green, though. I want a grey one. Or do I? I always seem to have grey knitting. I think that I need to go to That Shop and have a good look at what they have in stock.

The other thing that I keep thinking about is a Debbie Bliss cardigan. It was described as 'Cable Vent Jacket' in Ms Bliss's magazine no.1 - and it was called 'Sophia' in her Rialto booklet. Either way, the Ravelry link is here.

And this one has to be grey.

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PurlsBeyondPrice said...

Thanks for the kind words about Jadis. I look forward to seeing yours knit up!