Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Busy day today - well, this morning, at any rate. Yet another hospital appointment, so I took along some sock yarn and cast on for yet another pair of socks for my husband - Noro sock yarn this time, the first time I've used it. The 8 square slippers are not ideal travel/waiting room knitting, as too many little balls of yarn are required to come along for the ride.

By the way, the first slipper was finished and seamed, then tried on by my husband - and then frogged. It was much too big. It fit him about as well as a Wellington boot, which was not the desired objective at all. These slippers really are very stretchy indeed, and don't need to be anywhere as big as I thought. I have cast on again, with 18 stitches instead of 22, and the frst one should be finished later today.

I wonder whether this time they will fit. It is hard to judge. They do look a bit dinky - but then last time they looked as if they would be about right, and then were enormous when assembled. So maybe dinky is what we need.

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