Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Wednesday (I think)

Wow, busy day.

Finally, here I am, and I've managed to find the camera too - only took 20 minutes. Hah. Anyway, now I can post a picture of the Hooded Tunic.

This is the Hooded Tunic from Rowan's book All Seasons At the Mill, worked (of course) in All Seasons Cotton. The colour is called Cement, shade number 234, and it is a cool blue-grey which I like very much indeed.

I made size L. The pattern says this needs 15 balls, I used 13 - but I did use all of 13 balls, and I did make the body and the sleeves shorter than the pattern indicates, also, I didn't work the belt. So I would suggest getting the amount of yarn recommended by the pattern.

It doesn't look like much on the hanger, that's for certain - but I've been wearing it all day today and I really like the way it looks. The sleeves are just perfect, the gentle waist shaping is just perfect, and the way that the hood lies across my shoulders is really, really flattering, like a soft wide collar. Also worth noting is that it needs something worn underneath, like a singlet, definitely.

If I were to make it again - which I might, it's not impossible - the only thing that I would change is the way that the placket is constructed. The buttonhole cast-on works perfectly here, but the problem comes when you have to slip stitch the placket to the reverse of the other side. I would, I am sure, get a better finish if the double layer of the placket were constructed using appropriate increases. It is fiddly to get it neat, but I've done it before with an excellent result, and I should have done it here.

Lucy news! - she's doing well. She's a lot more comfortable, which is a great relief all round. Back to the vet on Friday.

What else - I've cast on for Kari, from The Cocoon Collection. (You can see it here, second row from the bottom, on the right.)

This is a wide, loose drapy overtop with a cowl neckline. I'm making size L - the pattern says that both size L and XL need 7 balls of yarn, and that's what I've got, but I am nevertheless worried about whether I will have enough.

You see, yesterday I worked the whole of the first sleeve, and it took just over one ball of yarn. So, both sleeves - two and a bit balls. The collar will probably take one ball, I should think. So that leaves less than four balls to work the whole of the back and the front. That just doesn't sound feasible.

What I'm going to do next, I think, is frog that first sleeve and rework it. At the beginning, I did notice that my row gauge was a little off - too many rows to the inch - but it had settled down by the end of the sleeve to the pattern requirements. I shall rework it, and who know, I may manage it with just the one ball of yarn.

I'd feel a lot happier about this project if that happens.

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