Wednesday, 1 October 2008


This morning we awoke to blue skies and a brisk breeze which has swept away the rain - all very appropriate really! Also, I have cheered up again.

Here, as promised is the Slouchy Cover-Up.

Not easy getting a photograph of this outdoors today, as it is indeed a bit windy.

This is Sarah Hatton's Slouchy Cover-Up from Rowan Studio 5, knitted here with two strands of Kidsilk Haze in Ice Cream 637 - the pattern is written for one strand of Kidsilk Haze and one of Kidsilk Night. However Kidsilk Haze is of course identical to Kidsilk Night apart from the lack of sparkle, and I didn't fancy sparkle for this, so I used two strands of the same colour Kidsilk Haze.

Size 16 shown here, by the way. Yarn usage was exactly as in the pattern - although I didn't need much of the last two balls at all, just three or four rows along the top of one shoulder at the front, the neck edging, and the seaming. There is no wastage at all with this yarn because it is ideal for felted joins, so the only ends to deal with are the ones from the cast ons and cast offs.

I love this. It is absolutely gorgeous to wear, soft and silky smooth against the skin with no itchiness whatsoever. It drapes beautifully too. The neckline is quite wide on me, and I can either wear it sort of perched on the edge of each shoulder or I can let it just drop off one shoulder a little - I let it do pretty much as it pleases, as I wore it with a black singlet underneath yesterday. This is, by the way, definitely a cover-up and not a top in its own right - because of the translucency of the fabric you definitely need to wear something underneath, unless you are much braver than I am.

It is warm and incredibly light, and I am planning another, in black this time. The only thing that I will change is the neckline, which I think I will make slightly higher in the front. Just a bit, nothing drastic, really just a bit of fine tuning for personal fit. And I might, just possibly, change the neckline width to correspond to size 14. I am still losing weight, and as the shoulders diminish along with the rest of me, this might be a good idea, even if I keep the width of the size 16 for the garment as a whole.

Verdict - an excellent pattern, and a very wearable garment indeed.


Kate said...

Nice top! I love my KSH Kiri shawl and can imagine that wearing a whole garment knitted with it must be like wearing a cloud. :-)

Gabriela said...

Fi, it must have been really difficult to take the decision to leave - I understand what you mean, though, commuting gets to you in the end and you realise that most of your life is spent in a car or train getting to and from work. I used to commute about the same time as you and then I changed jobs and moved closer to home where the commute is now 25 minutes which makes such a difference to the energy levels, is unbelievable - only I end up spending that extra time at work, most of the time but it does make a difference nonetheless.

It must feel really weird now without going to Rowan, do you feel left out a bit? I would, I think, I had that feeling when I changed jobs and had a period between them staying home.

But then life moves on and next week you would probably be all settled down in your new routine.

Actually, I don't think you'll have time to feel any gap - you have so many projects on the go, is unreal! I am so impressed with how quickly you can knit all these things, it reminds me of a lady back home who used to spend her afternoons on a little bench outside her house, knitting and chatting to people. She used to chat and knit at the same time without even looking at the work (she was knitting combination way)and the speed of that knitting!! You must be similar!

How did you find Middlemarch?


Lin said...

I love the top you have knitted, it looks so comfy. I hope the rain has stopped there now.