Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Want / need, plus other things

Kari is still not finished, and I can hardly believe it.

The problem is the neckline, I cannot seem to find a version of it that I like. Right now, I am reknitting it for the third time and I really hope that this time I am happy with it, because this yarn is not liking being frogged so many times.

The stand collar was nice, but somehow not quite what I had in mind. I had plenty of yarn, so I thought I'd try a foldover collar with the bottom section reversed so that the reverse stocking stitch didn't peek out from underneath. This didn't work either. I think I could have blocked it into submission, but I don't like relying on blocking for results, I like the underlying shape and size to be right in the first place. So that got frogged as well. This third and hopefully final incarnation is almost what the pattern suggests - quite ironic, really. I've been messing around with the stitch count picked up around the neck, to end up with a less bulky neckline. I just hope that the drape will still be good.

This evening should see it finished, and yes I know I've said that before.

I want to finish spinning the blue variegated organic merino.

I want to start spinning the moorit Shetland.

I want to cast on for my husband's pullover. I've decided to bite the bullet and make size 48", which actually measures rather more than 50" around at underarm level. Rowan Scottish Tweed DK, by the way. Lovely stuff.

I want to cast on for the Earth Stripe Curtain. We have a window that needs this.

I want to finish my Salish Sea Socks. I could do with another pair of socks.

I want to cast on for a scarf. Either Backyard Leaves, or Vintage Velvet.

I want to cast on for some Green Autumn Mittens.

But I need to finish Kari first.

What else.... books. I did mean to blog a little about some recent reading, and haven't managed to get to it before now. (Gabriela - I did take Middlemarch with me on holiday, but I didn't get to it. It is still in the 'to read' stack, though.) What I did read, however, was a fairly eclectic mix.

First of all, Engleby. I've read books by Sebastian Faulks before, and this is very much a change of style for him. This book is dark and chilling, quite beautifully written, with many subtle layers of meaning. It is compelling. I couldn't put it down, and I will read it again.

The Diary of a Provincial Lady was also on the list - this was pure delight. Dry, witty, ironical, self-deprecating, and very very English in a way that isn't often encountered nowadays - this was originally published in the 1930's. It made me laugh out loud more times than I can recall. Bliss, actually. I didn't want it to finish. This is actually several Provincial Lady titles in a single volume, and I read it all the way through in what felt like a single swoop. If you ever notice that I seem to be developing a tendency to Talk In Capital Letters, then you can very probably blame E.M. Delafield for it.

Cloud Atlas. It's taken me a long time to get to this book, I think most of the civilised world has already read it. I found it very hard to get into the first chapter - I've tried before, and failed - but this time I persisted, and the book so very much rewards this persistence. This is a set of six apparently unconnected biographies, or perhaps histories, with sections from each interleaved throughout the book. As the book progresses, connections start to become apparent, and small events assume a deeper significance. A wonderful book.

There was plenty of other reading as well, but none of it was particularly memorable.

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