Tuesday, 28 October 2008


I finally managed to tear myself away from Fantastic Contraption long enough to function yesterday. I came to a halt with level 14, which looks deceptively simple but seems to be practically impossible. At the moment I seem to be totally stuck. Later on I may quite possibly have another look at it, unless I can restrain myself.

One thing that we did yesterday was get started on our Christmas shopping. We did actually go to Cribb's Causeway on Sunday with the intention of doing a bit of window shopping and generally looking for inspiration, but we didn't manage to get anything. This is something that I meant to mention before, because we looked in on the yarn department.

It was extremely weird for me, actually. Lovely to see people again, but strange to see the yarnwall and the customers and know that they are not my responsibility any more. I miss the job in many ways, I was working with such a nice group of people, and I did like tidying my yarnwall and running the teaching sessions - but I am so glad that the daily grind of exhaustion is no more, and that I can spend more time with my husband.

I need to get a few bits and pieces organised ready for Friday's spinning demonstration at Trowbridge Museum. And I hope they aren't expecting us to dress like that lady at the top right, it is more likely to be jeans and a pullover for me.

Anyway, it is half-term week around here, and we are expecting there to be a fair number of children in the museum, so I need to have things that they can try out. I will be taking along some spindles, and also I need to make sure that I have something on the wheel that people can actually manage to spin if they want to try. Not that merino pencil roving, although the colours are lovely, merino is too difficult for an introduction. I have some Blue Faced Leicester roving around somewhere, thatmight be a good choice. Or I could take some of the moorit Shetland along, together with my carders.... that's it, I think. Roving for the spindles, Shetland for the wheel.

With regard to knitting, I have succumbed to the lure of garter stitch.

As you can see, I have finished six of the eight squares required for one slipper. I just need to attach the two that stick out at the sides, and then I will seam it up and we will discover whether it fits. Some of the squares are a little difficult to distinguish, due to my having used adjacent colours that were too similar, hence the little markers. Also, I have just discovered that the beautiful square in shades of blue will end up on the sole of the foot when the thing goes together. Most annoying. I will take care not to let that happen again.

Anyway - this is being worked with oddments of sock yarn leftovers, two strands held together throughout. I am using 3.5mm needles, and my cast on was 22 sts. Each square is, of course, 22 garter ridges in depth.

I have not worked any more on the Striped Sweater, despite the best of intentions. It would be nice if I could get this finished before Christmas, but that does mean that I will actually have to pick it up and work on it, instead of just saying that I want to. Hah.

What else do I want to get done before Christmas? Well, these slippers. And the Tall Tibetan Coriolis Socks, to be made with the last lot of Blue Moon Sock Club yarn from 2007 - these are as yet unstarted. So that's three things at least.

I would like to get the Earth Stripe Curtain onto the needles, at the very least. Once I'm past the stripy bit at the beginning and have the pattern in my head, then it will be good travel knitting.

And I really would like to get the Helen Hamann Trapeze Top finished, for myself. I had originally planned this for Christmas 2007.

That makes four things finished and another one started. Hmmm. Who am I kidding here?

Right now, Lucy needs a walk (she's doing really well, by the way) I need to make lunch and do some ironing, sort out my spinning basket ready for Friday (tomorrow and Thursday are going to be a bit busy) and then it will be back to the nice undemanding garter stitch, hooray.

We have snow showers forecast for this afternoon. It is beautiful bright sunshine outside, but cold..... nice weather for walking.

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