Sunday, 26 October 2008

Strange change

Something rather odd.

For many years, I have had a favourite fragrance. For me, it's just been perfect, summer or winter. Now, all of a sudden, I can't stand it. It smells really strange to me, and definitely not nice.

I don't think this can be because it has gone off, because I've got it in two forms of lotion as well as the eau de parfum, and they all smell identically weird, and I think it is a bit unlikely that they should all have gone off at exactly the same moment. Also, my husband tells me that they all smell the same as always, and not weird in the slightest.

So if the fragrance hasn't changed it must be me.

Ah yes, the 'change'. That would be it, I expect. This is, I think, pretty much over for me now, or very nearly so. But I certainly wasn't expecting it to mark its final exit by turning my all-time favourite perfume into something rather unpleasant for me.

Gah. And other expressions of annoyance.

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Kate said...

The sense of smell is a strange thing. I found that being pregnant made most things smell odd and some *still* smell strange even now my youngest is just turning 8! Can't stand the perfumes I used to pretty much drown myself in; can't even use any washing powder with a hint of frangrance, either. Maybe if you have a rest from your perfume, you'll find that it smells like it used to again.