Friday, 3 October 2008


Well, all I can say is, thank goodness I am at home now. I don't know how we'd be managing if I was still working.

Lucy our cocker spaniel isn't very well, you see.

She's nearly 9 now, which isn't particularly old for a cocker, but she was very ill indeed last year with acute pancreatitis - we nearly lost her - and she's visibly aged since then. Yesterday morning it was apparent that something was very wrong. Usually when we get up, Lucy comes bouncing up the stairs to remind us that a) she wants to be let out into the garden and b) she wants her breakfast, and why are we being so slow about it all? Yesterday when we were getting up, there was no Lucy to be seen - something was wrong.

When we went downstairs, she was very pleased to see us, but it was apparent that she was in a lot of pain and in particular could not manage to go up steps. So we took her straight in to the vet as an emergency.

It was difficult at first to find out what was wrong, and blood tests gave rise to some suspicion that the pancreatitis might be surfacing again, so the vet kept her in for observation. However this seems to have settled back again today, and she was judged well enough to cope with the anaesthetic needed for an xray - which showed that she has a slipped disc, poor little thing.

The vet has told us that surgery will be incredibly expensive, success is not guaranteed by any means, and that in Lucy's situation it would be quite risky. The other option is complete rest for several weeks, together with some strong anti-inflammatory medication - and needless to say, that's what we are doing.

The vet has been very specific about exactly how we should look after her. So, Lucy is in a crate, which she isn't used to at all. We've put it in a corner of the living room where she can see us and hear us. She has her water bowl in there, together with bedding, and we are taking her out frequently for a few minutes on the lead, to visit the garden and have a very gentle potter around generally. After this she is entirely happy just to go back in there and lie down.

We aren't going to leave her alone until we can see that she is much happier with the whole situation than she is at the moment. So it is indeed a good thing that I don't have to go to work now.

We are just hoping that rest and medication will sort this out, we are not at all ready to lose her.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Fiona, I know all too well the anxiety of having pets with serious medical problems - I think one of the hardest things is that they can't tell you exactly how they're feeling. I really hope the rest does the trick for her - the job 'cloud' did have a silver lining after all.
Lisa x

Kai said...

Aww honey.. :(
*hugs* to you both...
Hope Lucy is better soon.