Sunday, 5 October 2008

Neat edges

This is a very simple trick.

The problem is actually due to the last stitch of the row below, which can tend to be looser than the you'd like it to be.

So, on a knit row - put the RH needle into the first stitch as usual -

- and then pull the working yarn up, quite firmly.

This will pull the loop of the stitch from the row below up too, up and partly across the LH needle, taking the slack out of it. Put your finger on it for a moment, just to keep it in place whilst you finish the stitch.

Now take the yarn back down to its usual position, and knit the stitch as usual.

At the beginning of a purl row, it is even simpler. Wrapping the yarn to purl a stitch brings the yarn up at the front - so just make sure that for that first stitch you bring it up firmly.

Result, nice neat edges. I promise.


Lin said...

Thank you for another great tip. I will certainly be using that one.

Mad about Craft said...

Thank you for this, I will be trying it.

Anonymous said...

I heard that 'giving the yarn a good tug' would neaten the edges of knit. It didn't work for me.
Then I found your tutorial and tried it. It works like a charm!
Maybe other yarns won't respond as mine has but so far the edges are only curling ONE stitch. That's NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING!!! And to think it's all for 'how' the yarn is held when tugging.
I CANNOT thank you enough for this wonderful tip. I'm sharing your link with all my knitting friends.