Wednesday, 22 October 2008

More grey knitting

Kari was finished yesterday afternoon, and was worn all evening. I like it.

You can see that the neckline is rather different from the pattern version ....

Sorry the picture is so small, I cannot work out how to make it larger.

Anyway. My version has a collar that is less of a cowl, and is more face framing. I am rather pleased with it, actually. It is just what I had in mind, except with two thicknesses of fabric instead of one. In fact I am rather pleased with the whole thing, and I think I shall wear it to knitting group on Friday this week. It is very wide and drapy, the sleeves in particular work well - the fabric is very very warm, and these elbow length sleeves mean that it is still suitable for indoor wear.

So, to summarise - this is Kari, from Rowan's The Cocoon Collection. I made size L, and used 7 skeins of Cocoon in Mountain 805. I altered the neckline to reduce the volume. My row gauge was compressed, unfortunately - 17.5 rows to 4" instead of 16 - which meant that I used more yarn than expected. 7 skeins was still enough ......

...... but I didn't have much left over.

I have started my husband's pullover.

This is going to be the Striped Sweater from Rowan's Classic Knits for Men, aka Knitting For Him. It is worked in Rowan Scottish Tweed DK, and I am making the size to fit chest 48". That little teeny bit of knitting on the needle (fancy rib there, by the way, but you can't really see it) has no less than 153 stitches, as the finished pullover is going to actually measure nearly 54" around the chest.

I think it may take me a while.


Anonymous said...

It's lovely. Do you wear it over a thin top? If so, d'you mind me asking what type of top? I'm considering knitting this but am not sure what I'd put underneath it. How does the cocoon feel next to the skin? Questions, questions!!

Thanks, Terri

Lin said...

I love that Knit Fi, gorgeous!

Gabriela said...

sorry, Fi, I have been busy at work for the past few weeks, so no chance to check your Kari until today. It is gorgeous, I love the neckline, much prefer it but I won't give it a go, you know I can't think outside the pattern! I'm not much more advanced on mine since last time we 'spoke' - this w/e just finished the front, so now I'm starting the sleeves. Talking about what to wear under, I've been looking for a 3/4 sleeve everywhere without success, only long sleeve or short. On the other hand, by the time I finish Kari, it will be proper winter and I'll have to wear it with long sleeve.

As for Middlemarch, this is a holiday book, i.e you have time to focus on what you read, so I'll leave it to next time.