Monday, 20 October 2008


We're back to normal again, after a busy weekend which hopefully was enjoyed by all - I had a good time, at least. I do enjoy cooking, and it is nice to have an excuse to put together some special menus.

Yesterday was mostly spent on the boat, as it turned out that our guests didn't actually need to take the train back until today. We went down to Bradford-on-Avon, which is one of my favourite places - just so lovely, like Bath in miniature - (read about it here and also here) - had lunch in the pub, and then came back again in the usual leisurely fashion which the waterways require. If you're in a hurry on a narrowboat, then you've chosen the wrong method of transport - the only way to get there sooner is to leave earlier.

Knitting hasn't been totally non-existent. I tend to wake at much the same time as usual, no matter how late we've all been talking the evening before, so on Sunday morning at 7.30 I had the house to myself for a bit. I took advantage of this to finish seaming Kari, and take another progress photo.

Since then, I've picked up stitches around the neckline - not the same number as the pattern requires, but a few less. I want the stand collar to grow seamlessly out of the main garment, and it just felt better not to pick up extra stitches. I hope it is going to look alright - I think that it will. The length, by the way, is going to be absolutely fine. I had forgotten about the way that the width of the sleeve tops adds to the overall length.

I ought to get the whole thing finished this evening, the only thing I am not quite sure about is whether to edge the collar with 1x1 ribbing as the pattern says, or 2x2 ribbing as is used for all the other edges. Currently I'm thinking 1x1, not least because that will fit with my stitch count.

I also managed to cast on for the second blue stripey sock on Saturday evening.

I think this colourway is either called Storm or Twilight, although I cannot say that it looks much like either of those things in reality. Nice, though.

I've since finished the ribbing and worked about 40 or so rounds of the leg, whilst we were on the boat yesterday.

Next onto the needles is going to be a pullover for my husband, from Rowan's book Knitting for Him, also sold under the title Classic Knits for Men. I have no idea why companies do this - use one title on this side of the Atlantic and another title for North America. Nor do I have any idea how I came to purchase the US version rather than the UK one - I do know that the books are identical inside though, it is only the cover that varies.

Anyway, he has chosen Wendy Baker's Striped Sweater. The Ravelry link has No Featured Photo, and currently only one project in progress - but the project in question does have a picture of the sweater as shown in the book. Here it is.

My husband doesn't like the Sunset orange stripes, though, and prefers dark red in their place. I think that is probably going to be the only change to the pattern, and at the moment I think that the second largest size is going to be the one.

Lots of knitting in that.

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Lin said...

The boat sounds lovely, no need to rush around at all!