Monday, 27 October 2008

Monday morning

The current pair of Kaffe Fassett socks is finished.

Here they are, straight off the needles. This is my usual sock pattern, to fit my husband's size 9 feet. I have discovered that this colourway, Regia's 4257, is called Twilight. The stripy version is called Landscape, as opposed to the variegated, which is called Mirage. So these are the Twilight Landscape socks.

And I know I've said it before, but I am going to say it again, because I am so extremely pleased with this - grafting without a yarn needle! Grafting using just three of the needles with which you knitted the sock!

And no, this is not a three needle cast off. This is grafting, aka Kitchener stitch. Perfect tension and superquick, no yarn needle required. Here.

The yarn leftovers from these socks are going straight on to the needles, as the beginning of the 8 square slippers - the pattern is here. It is in Finnish but very easy to understand, as the diagram is pretty much self explanatory.

I just have to figure out how many stitches to cast on. I am using 3.5mm needles, and two strands of sock yarn held together. I think this should produce 6 stitches to the inch.... so if I want to make slippers that fit a UK #9 foot.... then say I want the slipper to measure 10.6" long. Halve that, divide by root 2 - how does one type a square root symbol, anyway? - multiply by the spi which I think will be 6 - I think I need to cast on 22 stitches. I gather from Ravelry that these are extremely stretchy.

When I make some for myself, I will cast on for size 6 - say I want it to measure 9.6" long, same process.... cast on 20 stitches. That doesn't sound like enough difference. Or maybe it is. We'll see.

And from the comments - Kate, thankyou. A ray of hope! I too remember things smelling and tasting different when I was pregnant. So again, we'll see.

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Lin said...

These are a great colour!