Friday, 10 October 2008

Gauge, yet again

Friday evening already, and I haven't actually done much knitting over the last few days. Yesterday we had guests here for a large part of the day, and although I did knit a little bit, really I was too busy chatting and making cups of tea.

Kari has not progressed very far at all. I frogged that first sleeve and have nearly reknit it, but gauge is still a problem. Not the stitch gauge, that is absolutely spot on at 14 sts to 4". Just the row gauge - it ought to be 16 rows to 4", and it steadfastly refuses to budge from 17.5 rows to 4". So I will be using more yarn that the pattern writers would have expected. Most annoying.

I have however, decided how to deal with it, and that is thanks to one of our guests yesterday. This lady is in her 80's, and has Alzheimer's, unfortunately.

Such a cruel thing. She is a lovely lady, and on a good day - yesterday was a good day - she shows a wicked sense of humour. She used to have a strong interest in all things fibre related, particularly knitting and spinning, and for many years she was the knitting correspondent for one of the big national newspapers here in the UK. I know that I've read articles that she wrote, many times.

Anyway. I was sitting next to her, knitting away on Kari, and she asked me what I was working on. So I got out the pattern book and showed her the pattern (which she liked) and the yarn (which she loved, as do I) and I told her about my yarn quantities dilemma, and the recalcitrant row gauge. She suggested - and as with most excellent ideas, it is blindingly obvious once someone has pointed it out - she suggested that I plan to change the neckline, and pointed out that the change would make it better suited for me anyway, regardless of whether it turned out that I had enough yarn.

So, I'm going to alter the neckline. This pullover isn't going to have a fold-over collar, it is going to have a drapy stand collar, probably about 2 - 3" in depth, with a narrow ribbed edging to match the other edges on the garment. It will, of course, be much less bulky, and I will be able to wear it under a jacket or a coat. And I shouldn't have a problem with running out of yarn, this way.

The sad thing was that about 2 minutes after making this truly excellent suggestion, she turned to me again and asked me what I was working on? So, I got out the pattern book again.... and then again a few minutes later... and then again.... and so we went on.

She is still a lovely lady.

Lucy news - she is still doing well. Today we took her to the vet for a review, and things seem to have settled down - her back doesn't seem to be giving her any discomfort at all. Now we stop the painkillers, and see how she goes. We can start taking her for gentle walks again, too. She'll love that!

I still have more to talk about - a new knitting group, a new sock started..... but that can wait til tomorrow, I think.

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