Friday, 31 October 2008


Goodness I am tired.

But I have had an excellent day.

I was quaking in my boots before the spinning demonstration at the museum, I can tell you. And when I got there with my wheel and saw a notice on the door saying 'Professional Spinning Demonstration' - well, I felt like turning around and just quietly going away. Because, you know, I am not a professional spinner, not by a very long chalk. I am a beginner, and I am under no illusions at all regarding that.

But I went in, and there was my friend from the Guild waiting for me with her wheel already set up, and it all went brilliantly.

My carding has improved significantly with her help, and I am really enjoying the moorit Shetland. I washed this fleece last summer, and haven't touched it til now. It is absolutely a joy to spin, it practically leaps onto the bobbin by itself, and I am so looking forward to seeing what it is like when I ply it. Spinning this stuff is so different from spinning commercial tops that I can hardly believe it. I want to carry on spinning from fleece for ever, this is spinning as it should be - that is how it feels at the moment.

I am managing to spin a bit thicker now, and that is a big step forward - however if I want to achieve something like a worsted weight then I will have to make this a three ply yarn, not two ply - so that means more Navajo plying. I don't mind that, I like Navajo plying. In fact - ahem - I am not very good at any other sort of plying. Not to imply that I am good at Navajo plying, though, it is just that I cannot really do anything else just yet.

Tomorrow morning I am going to Get Knitted for their knitting group, which I didn't know was still running. Nothing on the website about it, but I am assured it is alive and well. So I will be there!

And by the way, if anyone is interested in buying a really lovely Wee Peggy wheel (much nicer than mine, and yes I have been very tempted) or a Herring wheel - both in perfect working order and a total bargain - let me know. Because the Wiltshire Guild has these two wheels for sale at the moment.

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