Sunday, 7 September 2008


I thought I would just show you the Hooded Tunic, as I don't believe I have actually posted any pictures of it yet - most remiss of me. So here it is, just before I worked the shaping at the top of the hood - I worked an extra two inches in length before this point. This does seem rather a lot, but when I try it on, it looks right. I'll see how it is when I've finished the top of the hood and can try it on without knitting needles getting in the way.

The colour looks true on my screen. This is All Seasons Cotton again, and the shade is 234 Cement, a cool blue/grey.

I have since worked the shaping, and now I've just reached the point where the pattern directs me to finish the hood with a three needle cast-off, but I am going to work a three needle graft instead. Much neater, definitely. I don't have any wish for a seam ridge inside the top of the hood - I'd like the join to be as nearly invisible as I can manage. It will show to some extent of course, as the two sides will always be half a stitch off and the edging is ribbed.

Packing is just about all done. And we are off tomorrow! I think it is very unlikely that I will be able to post whilst we are away. We do try to leave the usual routine completely behind, usually we don't buy a newspaper at all whilst we are away, and this time I don't think we even have access to a television.

Back in two weeks....

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