Saturday, 6 September 2008


My copy of Vogue Knitting Fall 08 has finally arrived, and it does not disappoint. You can see the preview here, and there are two things there that I think are outstanding.

The first thing is Jared Flood's Green Autumn mittens.

I have yarn in the stash that will do very nicely for these - some Yorkshire Tweed 4 ply in Graze, which is the perfect green. I do feel that these need to be green, I am not sure why.

The other thing is from Kaffe Fassett.

This is his Lantern Cardigan, and he has worked it in Rowan Colourscape Chunky and Rowan Scottish Tweed Aran. I love this, I think it is stunning, and I want one of my own.

I shall, however, be making some changes.

Not the Colourscape, though. That will stay the same. Kaffe used Colourscape Chunky in Ghost, and I do happen to already have a couple of skeins of this in the stash, left over from Tempo. I had been thinking of using it to make a felted bag of some sort, but this will make much better use of it.

Also, I am not entirely sure about the zip. I am not a fan of zips in knitted garments, as a rule - I shall reserve judgement on this one for the time being.

The background, however.... red doesn't suit me, in general. And although there are exceptions to every rule, this shade of claret is not one of them. I plan to use instead some yarn from stash - Rowan Polar (long discontinued) in Storm, which is a medium-dark grey.

There will be a certain amount of messing around with the pattern, that is for sure. Tension swatches will be involved, and probably some sizing changes will have to be made - Rowan Polar is a chunky yarn, you see, and has a recommended tension of 12 sts to 4". The pattern requires 15 sts to 4" - Colourscape is usually worked at 14 sts to 4", and the Scottish Tweed Aran at 16 sts to 4". I think that it will work out though - and Polar is so beautifully soft as well, this will be lovely to wear.

The look of the garment will be very different with a grey background, and a non-tweedy one at that, but I think it will still look amazing - and it will certainly suit me much better.

The Hooded Tunic still isn't finished, and it isn't going to be either, not before we leave on Monday. However I am not bothered about this, because I have finally got it through my head that it is going to be hot when we get off the plane in Crete - hot! - and I don't need to pack numerous woollies to keep me from freezing. The forecast for Tuesday is 31 degrees C - and sunshine.

Sunshine....... ? Yes please!


Lin said...

The vogue looks good, I usually love the Fal and Winter issues, i have yet to knit anything from them!

Anonymous said...

Love the Kaffe one in Vogue too - and enjoy your holidays.....

Kate said...

Glad it arrived. :-) I'll send the copy I have to a good home!