Monday, 29 September 2008

Monday afternoon

Things seem to be back to normal again now after the holiday - pretty much, anyway. Instead of a vast mountain of washing (where does it all come from? I wash whilst we are away, after all) I now have a correspondingly vast mountain of ironing to deal with. As you might guess, this blog post is due to procrastination.

I did finish my husband's socks the other day.

My usual pattern, to fit a UK men's size 9, in one of Kaffe Fassett's colourways for Regia - Fire Landscape, I believe. Worked on 2.5mm needles, as usual. The only difference is that one of my long suffering 2.5mm 20cm bamboo dpns actually broke just before we went away - this is the first time I have ever broken a needle - and I worked these socks on some 15cm bamboo dpns instead. I found them quite hard to get used to at first - they really did seem to be too short - but I have now decided that I actually prefer them. They are definitely much easier to tuck away in my KnowKnits pouch.

I've picked up the Slouchy Coverup again, and it is nearly finished. I've just reached the neckline shaping on the front and started to work up one side - after this, there are the shoulder seams and the neckline edging to deal with, and then the side seams. The neckline edging is very simple, really it is just there to provide a clean edge - pick up and knit, turn (I think), and then cast off immediately. Then I need to fold up the sleeve edges and catch them in place at the seamlines - and the whole thing will be finished.

If I get my act together, I could be wearing it to work tomorrow, which I would rather like to do. I don't think that this necessarily provides a valid excuse for not doing the ironing, unfortunately.

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