Friday, 5 September 2008


I've reached the stage of packing where I am making lists - indeed, I have lists within lists, and it has almost reached the point where I have lists of lists.

We are off on Monday, and I still can't quite believe that it really is going to be hot and sunny in Crete, because apparently it is November here at the moment. Rain, wind, more rain, more wind. At least it is consistent. I just hope that the house won't have floated away by the time we get back.

The thing that I haven't organised yet, or even listed, is my knitting. I still think that socks and lace are the order of the day, although I would take Sea Breeze (Ravelry link) if I could get it in, which I think is going to be rather unlikely. I do, however, have my books organised. I get through a lot of books on holiday, and they are an essential. I usually take ten, and - Gabriela? - I have put Middlemarch in as well. So that makes eleven.

My husband has commented that if I didn't have so many books, I would hardly need a suitcase at all, and I think he is right. I do try to keep my packing minimal - Ghost dresses are the mainstay of my holiday wardrobe. A few of those, and I'm pretty much sorted. I take solid shampoo and conditioner, soap instead of shower gel, a flat linen hamam towel instead of the usual large and heavy cotton towel - all these help save space and weight. But books are hard to minimise, and I am usually right up to my 20kg limit every time.

So, I was rather interested to see this online yesterday - the Sony ereader. I very much like the look of this - you can have up to 160 books on it! I'd never run out of things to read! - although it is not cheap, and you have to pay extra for books that you already have on the shelf, of course. I think I may get one at some point - that point will not be until I can get my favourite books in ebook format, and at a reasonable price. I've searched for a couple of old favourites and not found them. That would have to change. And maybe the price will come down if I wait. Or not....

But really, this would mean that I could save so much space and weight when we go away. The advantage of this is that with no books in the suitcase, I could take so much more knitting, of course.....

Almost forgot, the Hooded Tunic is still in progress. I have now finished both the front and the back, seamed the shoulders, and started on the hood.

I will have a dilemma to sort out soon. I know that if the hood is to be of any use, then it will need to be larger than the pattern says - hoods never fit me, any more than off-the-shelf hats. You know how they say, one size fits all? They should say, one size fits all except Fiona. Anyway, a larger hood will be needed. But how much larger? I shall have to try it on and see - measuring from one neckline edge over the top of my head to the other neckline edge produces a result so much larger than the hood dimensions that it is ludicrous, and I am sure that I must be missing something vital. I have no idea what, though.

The finished sleeve, by the way, is too long. This was decided yesterday evening, after much pinning and trying on. Sleeves that are 19" long are just too long for me, no matter what the pattern says, and no matter how much I want to believe that the designer has got it just right for me. I shall have to pull back the sleeve head and some rows more, then reknit the sleeve head. Plus there is the second sleeve to work, as well, and all the rest of the seaming.

I would like to have this off the needles before we leave on Monday - and maybe take it with me to travel in? - because I am always freezing cold on planes - but it is looking increasingly unlikely.

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Heather said...

Good luck with the packing, and have a fantastic time!

My other half has just bought an ebook reader (the Sony one) and thinks it is fantastic. I think it will definitely cut down on the weight we take away on holiday, and you can take loads more books in case you feel like reading something different. It can also take memory sticks and SD cards (like you have in a camera) to increase its capacity. The other half says he has around 2600 books on his at the moment - I don't think he is going to get bored any time soon!