Tuesday, 30 September 2008

All change

Today, the weather changed, and the beautiful autumn sunshine we've been enjoying has gone. Grey skies, rain....

Today I had my last day working as a Rowan Design Consultant. Part of me is very, very sad about this - I've made so many friends, and I've been working with such an incredibly nice group of people in store. Walking out of 'my' department this evening for the last time - that felt really strange.

But part of me is going - yeeee-ha! I don't have to do that *&^%(*@~# drive any more! I've always been exhausted for most of the following day, after I've had a day in store. Three days working, three days exhausted - one day of normality per week. This doesn't do much for one's home life. So, change is definitely good, in this respect.

I've been given a huge bunch of flowers, which is currently sitting in some water in the sink, because the vases are on a shelf in the garage and it's pouring with rain and I don't want to go out and get them. I've got cards, I've got little presents. And I've had a really good time there!

I managed to get the Slouchy Cover-Up finished last night, and I wore it today. It was much complimented, which is always nice. Details tomorrow, once I've taken a picture of it. Kidsilk Haze is so lovely to wear. Warm when needed, smooth and silky soft against the skin, and incredibly light so that you don't get overheated indoors - ideal really.

I'm going to get the Hooded Tunic finished next. The front and back are done, shoulder seams finished and the hood is all finished too, with a nice neat three-needle graft along the top. One sleeve has also been done, but I'll need to pull back the top part, make it a bit shorter, and rework the sleeve cap. I really ought to do that before I cast on for the second sleeve......

That can wait til tomorrow, I think.

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Anonymous said...

i found the link for the slouchy pullover on ravelry.com and i wanted to try it. However, because i am quite new to the site, i did not know exactly what to press to get the actuall pattern. For previous patterns I have knitted, there was a link on the details page, but there did not seem to be one on this particular page, please help me!