Sunday, 31 August 2008


It is less than four months to Christmas, I have realised. Someone was saying in the shop yesterday that they had seen Christmas decorations on sale - this is so much too early that it is completely daft. It is still August, after all - even it is only just still August.

The weather has definitely changed. It is still mild, but this morning we awoke to fog. Still, cool, solid white outside the windows, which changed after an hour or so to rain. It has cleared now, and there is a a nice breeze - but summer is over, I feel.

I haven't started the second sleeve of the Hooded Tunic - instead I've started the front. I cannot decide whether the first sleeve is the right length or not, so I've decided to get both the front and the back finished, seam the shoulders, tack the side seams, and pin/tack the single sleeve into place. Then I can try it on, and then I will be able to see if it is right or not. It is a bit of a performance, but it is less work to pull back one sleeve top and reknit it, rather than both.

Having fun on Ravelry at the moment, too. I am putting off cataloguing the stash until after we come back from holiday. Instead I am sorting ruthlessly through the queue, which had reached ridiculous lengths, and hence become rather unreal at some points. The only projects remaining on the list are those that I am absolutely definitely intending to make.

If I don't change my mind, that is.....

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