Sunday, 17 August 2008

Sunday afternoon

Tempo is going to be finished quite soon. The left front was finished this morning, and I've cast on for the right front just now.

The left front took almost exactly one skein of yarn, which is very convenient. There is some left which will be plenty for the side neck extension - you can see it in the picture. The colours are looking true here, and you can see the edge detail rather better. I haven't worked the pocket edging yet, I'll do that right at the end I think.

For the left front, I am reversing the colour sequence, so that the pink/red section will be at the top of the front. I don't want to try to match it - the fronts and the back will have the colour stripes looking different anyway, due to the different stitch counts. So I am going to make it as different as possible.

If I get my act together, it is not impossible that I could be wearing this on Tuesday, which would be rather nice. It may be August, but it certainly isn't very warm at the moment, so I probably won't pass out from heat exhaustion.

I am thinking now about Lakes, the All Seasons Cotton pullover that I want to make for our holiday. The illustrations of this pullover in Rowan 28 do not perhaps show the garment as well as they might.

Here is the men's version.

And this is the women's version, with a flash reflection across it - I am definitely no photographer - and this of course is the one I want to make, except that I may leave out the fold back cuffs, I think. I am less certain about this than I was before, because I find that I quite like the way they look. I'll work the back first, and see how the yarn is going - that would be sensible.

I have the yarn already of course, All Seasons Cotton in a rather lovely pale grey, called Cement. Not the most inspiring of names, but quite descriptive.

The pattern takes 19 balls for the medium size, I have 20 balls. The medium size will fit me with no problems - this is a wide, boxy pullover. Width across for the size M is 24", which will give me at least 6" of ease. So that's alright.

But I do need to consider whether this is sensible, because I am short of time. If I start it on Tuesday, then I will have exactly 20 days to get it completely finished. So, at least one ball of yarn each day, because I need to allow some time for the seaming....... I should be able to do that. I do feel very motivated, because I really want this pullover finished to take with me.

So, I'm going for it! This could be completely daft, of course......

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Kate said...

You knit the fastest of anyone I know. If you can't finish that sweater within 20 days, I'll eat my red hat. :-)