Friday, 8 August 2008

Still here.....

It has been an eventful week.

We went to Wales on Tuesday evening for a family gathering to celebrate my mother's 80th birthday. There were about two dozen of us there, and it was excellent fun having everyone under one roof. If you are looking for somewhere to host such a thing, I can recommend the place where we stayed - Wern Watkin Bunkhouse. I seem to remember that youth hostels used to provide rather spartan accommodation - this place is a bit different. The bunk beds are still bunk beds, but the rest of it is rather amazing. Flagged floors, stone walls with arrow-slit windows, a big open sitting/dining area with plenty of room for all of us, a wonderful kitchen with stainless steel everywhere - and the most amazing location. I ought, of course, to have taken some photos. But I forgot.

Surprisingly, we didn't get lost finding it. Suffice it to say that the website says that access is by small mountain roads, and they aren't kidding.

Knitting continues. I did find it hard deciding what to pick up again after I finished the display swatches. I knit on the Salish Sea Sock for a little while, but I'm not feeling the love. Apparently the sock mojo has deserted me. I'm sure it will come back at some point, but that is not now.

In the end I carried on with the Slouchy Cover-up. Kidsilk Haze is hard to resist. The back was already finished, and I'm now working on the armhole shaping for the front.

Here is some knitting.

This is Colourscape Chunky, as I'm sure you've realised. I cast on 25 stitches, worked a few rows of garter stitch, and just carried on in stocking stitch until the yarn ran out. If I hold it up, it is as long as I am tall, which certainly isn't bad for one skein. How to get it into one photo? Difficult. So I folded it, as you can see, and it still took three photos.

This is very, very nice to knit. I am easily entertained by colour changes, and this is much nicer than Noro to work with - mainly because it is soooo soft. Soft, soft, soft. And squooshy.

Nicer than Noro. There, I said it again.

This colour is called Frosty, by the way.

I've got a scarf in another colourway on the needles at the moment, if anything it is even more gorgeous. I'll take a photo of it tomorrow morning, when it will hopefully be finished.

Regarding other knitting - I do have a slight dilemma. We are going on holiday soon, and I want a pullover to take with me. Crete in September can be a bit variable, storms are not unknown and cool evenings are almost a certainty. So, something warm, but not too heavy. That would mean All Seasons Cotton, in my book. The Cobblestone is a strong possibility, I've worn that a lot already this summer. I was thinking also about the Hooded Tunic from All Seasons at the Mill - I've got some ASC in the stash that would do very nicely - but then I was browsing through some old Rowan magazines and I discovered Lakes, a Kim Hargreaves pattern. And this has to be it. A soft, simple ribbed pullover, wide, loose, slouchy. I have enough All Seasons Cotton to make this instead of the Hooded Tunic.

But, I also want to make Compote, a nice little cardigan in Natural Silk Aran which will be just the thing for work. I have just about a month before we leave. I don't think it is sensible to suppose that I could make both, especially not with the Kidsilk Haze still on the needles.

So, do I make the cardigan for work? Or the pullover for the holiday? Or do I stick with my resolution and finish what I have on the needles? Choices, choices.....

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