Sunday, 24 August 2008

Shock horror

I've just worked the armhole shaping on Lakes, and I'm part way through the fourth skein of yarn. This is all good.

Except, I just counted the stitches. I cannot believe I haven't done this since I cast on. Usually I am counting obsessively, to make sure that I haven't dropped a stitch and not noticed. This time there is a ribbed pattern, so I wouldn't be able to drop a stitch without noticing, so I haven't been checking the stitch count. Anyway. I finally counted the stitches on the needle.


I counted them again, same result. Real problem.

Gentle reader, I have cast on for the wrong size.

I am knitting a size L, not a size M as I had intended.

This is not an insurmountable problem, as I do have enough yarn for a size L, and I don't really mind the thing being one inch wider. It is wide and slouchy anyway.

Also, there is no way I am frogging it and starting again. Absolutely no way at all.

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Kate said...

You were distracted by the hat eating, weren't you? ;-) But at least you didn't cast on for a size that was too small. :-D