Friday, 29 August 2008


I don't know - it just doesn't feel like summer any more. On Thursday evening I needed my headlights on, coming home from work at 7pm. The autumn ploughing has started, too - that always feels like the end of summer.

It is so warm and humid, but no sunshine, just overcast grey skies

Well, at least it isn't raining.

The knitting is coming along nicely. I've finished the back, and I'm almost at the armhole shaping of the first sleeve. I want to make sure that the sleeves are the correct length, for once, so I'm comparing it to the Cobblestone Pullover - where I have to fold the garter stitch edging up like a cuff, most of the time. I want these sleeves to end up the same length as the Cobblestone sleeves with the cuff folded up - that would be just about perfect.

Finishing the first sleeve - which might happen this evening, actually - won't mark the halfway point of course, because there is a hood to work. I shall be changing that a bit, as well. I can never buy off-the-shelf hats, and hoods on jackets are often too small for me to wear comfortably. So more depth in the hood, I think.

I haven't actually done very much today as I have been packing. Yes, I know we are not leaving just yet. We've got the whole of next week here. But I love packing. I love the planning, the choosing, the sorting - it brings the whole idea of 'holiday' closer and makes it more immediate.

Every year we say that we will take less with us - and every year it is the same, there are clothes in the suitcase that don't get worn. Maybe this year will be different. When I find the 'ideal holiday wardrobe' - nothing wanted that was not packed, nothing unnecesary taken along - I promise, I will write it down for posterity. If it ever happens, that is!

My main problem is that I like to take a lot of books with me - and books are heavy and take up a lot of space, too. At the moment I have about ten books in the suitcase. Some of them are pure 'airport reading' and won't be coming home with us - others I have been saving, for instance I have never read Henry James before. I am taking 'Portrait of a Lady' and also 'The Turn of the Screw'. If I have any extra space, I may add Middlemarch to the stack - this is one of those books that I have never really tried to read, but I know that I should.

I am not going to take too much knitting, though. This time - one pair of plain socks for my husband in KF sock yarn, the Salish Sea Socks for me, another pair of Blue Moon Sock Club socks as well - and Birch, in Smoke Kidsilk Haze, which has remained shamefully untouched since last summer. Lots of stitches, not a lot of space taken up.

Anyway - with the Hooded Tunic, I won't get much done tomorrow as I am at work during the day, but I might be able to get on with the second sleeve during the evening.


Kate said...

Christmas cards in the card shop on Thursday. That's all I'm saying. :-(

Gabriela said...

Add Middlemarch - a 'woman's' book, well written, I've enjoyed it. I carry lots of books as well - I always add 2 per day of holiday for me and 1 per day of holiday for hubby, we always either read them all or if we haven't read them all is because we didn't like one or two and had to swap with new ones. Have you seen the new Sony book reader? It is like an iPhone, slim and able to download several books on it, so you don't need to carry books anymore. I prefer the feel of books but am thinking about it for when my hands are full of suntan lotion. It is the future, I suppose, libraries and bookshops will disappear at some point and be replaced by technology. What a pity. Enjoy your hols.