Monday, 18 August 2008

Monday, and indecision

There has been frogging. No, not Tempo, that is nearly finished and I love it.

Pia is no more, and the yarn is going to be something else instead - specifically, Bring Your Own Bag - that's a Ravelry link. I'm not loving Pia at all any more, and a bag like that will be useful. I've got various odd bits of All Seasons Cotton in other colours lurking in the stash (somewhere, hah...) so that should work out nicely.

Tempo is nearly finished, and I will be wearing it tomorrow. All the separate pieces are done, I've seamed the shoulders and the sideseams, and I'm just about to sit down and work the back neck extensions, which make a sort of stand-up edging to the back neckline. Then all that is left is to slipstitch the pockets in place and work the pocket edgings, and block it - gently, just some steam, I think.

I have yarn left over. The pattern said 5 skeins for the large size - I do usually get one extra 'just in case' - so I had 6 skeins. I've used almost all of 4 skeins, there will be just a few yards left of the 4th skein. So now I've got 2 whole skeins left over. What to do with this lovely stuff?

I was thinking about the Dumpling Bag from the current Interweave Knits, but it almost seems a pity to felt this yarn - also I have no clue where to get lucite rings, or rings of any sort that would work for the closure, so I'd have to change the handle, which is so cute that I don't really want to change it...... actually I could just thread the long loop thru the small loop, that would work, and it would look nearly the same. Or maybe curtain rings would be ok? Either way I'd use one strand of the Colourscape instead of the two strands of Cascade Pastaza held together, and I think that one skein would be enough. So I could actually make two bags, or one larger one. Hmmm.

Or I could make a rather thick and luscious 1x1 ribbed scarf with my two skeins, of course. But do I need yet another scarf?

Actually I am not going to start anything else at all until Lakes is done. But I like planning, and I wish I could make up my mind about this.

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Michelle said...

I couldn't find lucite rings, so I used split rings -- the kind that come on key chains. They're not as cute as everyone else's, but they worked just fine!