Sunday, 3 August 2008

Like lightning....

Not the speed at which I am knitting, that's for certain. The speed at which the last week has gone past. It has just gone - zap - like that.

I have been extremely busy with the launch of the new season's yarns. The transition between the summer and winter display went well, although I do feel rather as if I have jetlag at the moment. Late nights and early mornings don't really suit me, especially not when they are sequential. But I will get properly caught up with my sleep over this weekend, and it is a great pleasure seeing the yarnwall look so good.

I have just finished another display swatch, this one is the gorgeous new Colourscape yarn - actually an extremely long strip of stocking stitch, 25 stitches wide. I knitted up the whole of one skein, so that it shows the whole of one cycle of colour changes. The result is a scarf as tall as I am, if you know what I mean. I'm just going to block it, and then I'll take a picture, which I am sure won't do justice to it. It is just soooo pretty.

I will just say that I like this yarn a lot. It is very soft - it is lambswool - you really can wear it next to the skin. It makes a beautifully squishy fabric, and the colours are by Kaffe Fassett, which is all that anyone really needs to say about them. Except that I am going to say that they are really gorgeous.

And right now, I think I am going to have a little nap. More later....

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Twinkle Toes said...

oh... I was catching up on David Reidy'd podcasts today... one of which was the Kaffe Fassett interview and he mentioned the colourscape... can't wait to see it!!!