Friday, 22 August 2008


I thought it was about time I posted a picture of some knitting. Things have been a bit quiet here since I finished Tempo. I know that quite a few people have come here from Simply Knitting - believe me, it isn't all wild excitement around here, not by any means!

So here is Lakes, which sounds very ungrammatical.

I don't think this can possibly be finished in time for our holiday. I am just not progressing fast enough. That is just eight inches of fabric there, and that is the second skein of yarn. Today is the fourth day since I cast on..... so I don't think I can hope to have the whole thing finished in just seventeen days. I wouldn't be contemplating any sort of difficulty if it were in stocking stitch, but the whole thing is worked in ribbing, and that slows me right down. So, never mind. I will just enjoy knitting it, and not worry.

Although - Kate? - I am glad your hat is a virtual one!

On another note, I have bought myself a new knitting book - Kim Hargreaves' latest, Thrown Together. I have always liked Kim's patterns, and recently she has really been going from strength to strength.

There are two things in this recent book that I particularly like. There is a 'land girl' pullover called Meredith, and I like this so much that I am having real problems restraining myself from going and getting the yarn immediately.

This is worked in 11 shades of Cashsoft 4 ply, and has an interesting construction method. Instead of ribbing along the bottom, the edging is worked sideways and stitches are then picked up for the main part of each piece. The neckline edging is worked separately and then seamed in place - care needed, I think. But it is soooo pretty!

The other thing that I very much like is a cardigan called Evie.

This is also worked in Cashsoft 4 ply, and I think it is lovely. Some very nice detailing, and it has pockets as well. I like cardigans with pockets. Maybe I should make it in purple, to go along with my new 'old' image.

Although I'm not entirely sure about wearing it with a red hat. Not just yet.


Kate said...

Ribbing is a pain. You can never get into a rhythm with it in the same way as with stocking stitch. But I'll keep the hat on my head for now. ;-)

What's the sizing like for the Kim Hargreaves book? I like Meredith, too, though if it's not knit in the round, that would make me less likely to make it. I tried stranded knitting on the wrong side recently and it was horrible; I definitely like seeing what I'm doing!

Lin said...

I love that new Kim book, must save up quickly!! I tried continental knitting once to help with ribbing but could't get the hang of it.

Gabriela said...

I've just got the book too, I don't know which one item to start with, there are so many I'd love to make. Meredith is beautiful but haven't yet tried to work with colours like that (I understand there are 2 ways: intarsia and fairisle but don't know the difference yet). I'd like to start with a simple pattern to try my hand at colour changing but Fiona, this pattern sounds quite complicated from what you're saying. I suppose I could give it a go and see what comes out. When will you start it, Fi?