Friday, 15 August 2008

Friday, and still going

Tempo is doing very nicely, thankyou. I've finished the back now, and I'm working on the left front. Yes, the colour sequence is running in the opposite direction. I like to mix things up, you know. Not sure what I'll do with the other front yet.

By the way, there is something rather unusual about this yarn. You know how colour change yarns always seem to start at a different place in the colour repeat? Not this one. We have consistency, pretty much. So if you prefer to have the front and back matching on your garment, it shouldn't be a problem with Colourscape.

I like the front edge detail. There is a vertical line of purl stitches, and then there is a little rolled edge which is rather neat, a few stitches of reversed stocking stitch makes the vertical edge roll back to the outside. Unfortunately it doesn't show too well in my picture, well, I know I am no photographer....

I can see already that I'm going to make a slight change to the pattern though. The back neck edge is formed from extensions of the two fronts, and the pattern says to work the whole thing in stocking stitch from the shoulder seam, cast off, and then seam at the centre back neck. I shall continue the rolled edge instead, and graft. Using that nice three needle method, I do believe, as it always seems to come out so nice and neat.

I've switched to my new Harmony straights, which I am completely in love with at the moment. I like these even better than the interchangeable circs - they are much smoother than any other wooden or bamboo needles I have ever come across. I can manage the 10" needles just fine, and this yarn is nice and light. And the needles are just so pretty!

I shall be casting on for Lakes quite soon, I think. That's the Kim Hargreaves pullover on All Seasons Cotton, from Rowan 28. Wide, loose, slouchy shape, ribbed fabric, little stand up collar - very nice, and totally my sort of thing for casual wear. I've got just over three weeks until we leave for our holiday - I am certainly ready for some sunshine again! - and that should be just about right for me to get it finished.

Three weeks. Ha ha ha ha ha....

When will I learn?

Actually it should be alright. Except that I remember times when I've said that before and failed dismally.

We shall see.

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