Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Time flies

I can hardly believe that it's Wednesday already. What on earth have I been doing? There certainly isn't a whole lot of knitting progress to show.....

Well. I have been knitting swatches for display in the shop, and another one is finished, bar the embroidery. There is a lot of embroidery in Rowan 44, and although it is years since I've done any, I remember how much I used to love it. Years ago, literally. I don't think I've done any at all since I made that Chinese-y embroidered bag.... Anyway, embroidery still to do. I'll get that done today.

So that leaves one more for which I already have the yarn, and I should get that one on the needles today at the very least - and two more for which I don't have the yarn. Not having the pattern wouldn't be a problem, I would do something or other. But having no yarn, that is a stopper.

I have knit about ten rows on Kimono. I am not showing you another picture of beige Bamboo Tape as it looks exactly the same as last time. Very much looking forward to getting this piece off the needles and starting on the front, or the pockets at the very least, and the masterplan is for this to happen today. Ha ha ha....

Another thing that I've been doing is cleaning. We both had a sudden and completely inexplicable urge to clean the house from top to bottom - and that's what we spent Monday doing. It is so nice having everything tidy and neat! I want to keep it like this, and I hope that we will manage to do so.

I'm still sorting through the clothes cupboards. I am a long long way from a capsule wardrobe, that is very clear. Decluttering and culling is a good thing, but it does take a while writing careful descriptions for eBay listings.

Also, I have a new favourite distraction. I haven't done any beadwork for ages, and I am currently making a little necklace using discs that look like buttons. It remains to be seen whether I am going to mess this up, or whether I will be wearing it to work on Thursday.

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Lin said...

I love a good spring clean, I can relax better in a nice tidy house ... it doesn't happen that often round here though!