Friday, 18 July 2008

Things to do

  • Laundry and a modicum of housework.

  • Plan exactly what I am going to put where in the yarnwall at work - new yarns arriving soon, you see.

  • Tidy up the workroom. Ha ha ha ha ha.

  • Finalise my timetable for teaching sessions over the next few months. Actually this should probably be top of the list..... definitely comes before the housework.

  • Decide what to knit. There are several garments on the needles at the moment that I want to be wearing right now, namely Cookie, the Slouchy Cover-up, Dauphine, and Kimono. None of them are finished because I keep flitting from one to the other. So, decide which one to finish first, and stick to that until it is done. This may be the most difficult thing on the list.

  • Knit some more of the chosen garment. Try to finish the current piece and start on another.

  • Knit another swatch. Or two if I feel inspired, or if I have not yet made up my mind which garment is 'the one'.

  • Begin the annual wardrobe clear-out. Actually I am quite looking forward to starting this. Each year I go through my cupboards, take everything out and decide whether it stays or whether it goes. If it goes, it usually goes to eBay, because the extra cash is very useful.

  • Start sorting out the stash. This is a big task, but it needs to be done. I think that I have too much yarn. I do know what I have, but I have lost track of exactly where everything is. And I know also that there is stuff that can go to eBay. So, as with the wardrobe cull, everything is going to get taken out and looked at critically. I want to end up with a smaller, more select, and better organised stash of yarn and fibre.

  • Think about getting back to spinning. I haven't done any spinning for ages and I am missing it. This goes hand in hand with getting the stash organised and tidying up the workroom, as my spinning chair currently has stuff on and around it. I want to be able to just sit down at the wheel and spin, without having to move anything out of the way first.

  • Stop making lists and get on with it all!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Fiona,
I'm at a bit of a dead end with my spinning also. I think too much about the time invested in dyeing, spinning and knitting and want the end product to be special enough to justify it all, then end up not making a decision and not starting anything...