Sunday, 20 July 2008

Sunday evening

Halfway through my weekend, at this point. I find that I like working on Saturday and having Sunday and Monday off work - it is nice being slightly out of step with the rest of the world. Although I do miss my spinning group which meets on Saturdays....

Spinning is on my mind more and more. It is something that I do enjoy greatly, and I haven't been making the time for it. I didn't get as far as reorganising the workroom over the past few days, but the great stash cull is going to happen at some point over the coming months, and then I should be able to see the wood for the trees, if you know what I mean. That is not yet, though.

Now, regarding recent comments -

Queen of the Froggers, the lacy raglan top pattern is to be found in All Seasons at the Mill. This book has some rather good patterns for All Seasons Cotton, which is one of my favourite yarns. I've already made the Wrap Top from this book, and I have plans for the Hooded Tunic as well.

And Lisa, I can understand what you mean - for any knitting project, our biggest investment is always our time. I am in awe of people who not only spin, but also dye their own handspu. I don't feel the call for that, myself, and am happy just to admire.

I've decided what to knit - Kimono. Everything else is put aside for the time being until this is completed, and I will not cast on for anything else until this and the other tops are all finished - that's Dauphine, Cookie, and the Slouchy Cover-up. This may call for some serious willpower..... At the moment, I am right at the top of the back. Another twenty rows - and they are long rows, as the sleeves are worked all in one piece with the back (and front) - another twenty rows and I will be shaping the shoulders and the neckline. The odd dyelot which is being worked in alternate pairs of rows does show slightly in certain lights, when it gives the effect of a slight variegation. Fine, I think.

Tomorrow I must work another display swatch, though. I want to get them out of the way - after I finish the two still outstanding, I will have to wait for the yarn to arrive for the rest. It would be good if all the others were done before the last instalment arrives. Photos soon.....

But the thing that has left me feeling quite pleased with myself is the wardrobe cull. A smaller, more select, better organised wardrobe - that's a good objective. Those articles about capsule wardrobes are always strangely compelling for me, although I know that in reality I wouldn't be happy living that way. Anyway, I am working my way through my two cupboards. Every single item is being taken out and tried on - and I've had a pleasant surprise.

The surprise was to find that some things which haven't been worn for quite a while now, suddenly fit me. I haven't been watching my weight at all, and it is some weeks since I stood on the scales - after a period of weightloss things seemed to have stalled, and I had decided that my weight had stabilised. Except that things seemed to have changed.

So after I tried on my old favourite Fatface trousers that I haven't been able to do up for absolutely ages - I mean, not even close - and discovered that they are not just comfortable but even a bit loose (!) - then I got on the scales. I mean, things like that never happen to me. Usually it has been the other way round, I go to put on an old favourite that hasn't been out of the wardrobe for a few months and discover that it won't do up.

Anyway, to my huge surprise and delight I discovered that I had lost more weight - exactly twenty pounds have been shed since I went glutenfree earlier this year. And I hadn't even realised! And with no effort and no deprivation at all! All I've been doing is eating glutenfree - very, very carefully, because I've discovered that if I get accidentally 'glutened' now, it really does affect me quite badly, and things are not right again for about three days. 'Modified starch' is a killer. Sometimes it is fine, sometimes not - so, best avoided.

Now, I just have to do the same again, plus a bit more, and my BMI will be back where it should be - it's more than 20 years since that was the case. Twenty pounds has taken just about 6 months. I need to lose another 32 pounds. I wonder if things will continue? I've said that a lot of times over the past few months, as I recall. I think I will try weighing myself once a month from now on.

So - onward, as they say - but hopefully not upward......

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Anonymous said...

So glad to hear gluten-free is still suiting you - and having extra benefits!
Dying fibre to spin is no big deal - partly because I wanted to be able to say 'I can' and partly because I'm a cheapskate!