Sunday, 27 July 2008

Isn't it quiet......

Not surprising, either, with the weather as excellent as it is at the moment. I am still here, although blogging hasn't been high on the list of priorities over the last few days.

Here is some knitting.

This is a display swatch for Breughel, from Rowan 44. Excellent fun knitting these little things - the only thing is that I keep falling in love with new projects. I could post pictures of the rest of the swatches I have made, but as the books aren't out for a few days yet, I probably shouldn't. Rowan 44 however has been out since the middle of this month, so I can show you this. I still haven't finished the last swatch from the magazine. I must get my act together and do it over the weekend.

Kimono is wandering slowly onward. However, as it is too hot to wear this to work at the moment, I am not feeling very motivated. I keep wanting to go and knit on Tender - the Kim Hargreaves fisherman's rib pullover in black Calmer. And I will finish the shortsleeved tops that are on the needles first!

You may remember that I am working with three different dyelots for Kimono - the borders in the main dyelot and the body of the garment alternating between the main one and one of the odd ones, in two row stripes. For the most part it takes a hard look to see that anything is happening, except for one odd ball which has definitely produced visible stripes - very subtle, it is just a tiny shade difference, but visible.

I have decided it is a design feature. Shall we say, quirky? Of course I meant it to be like that!

One other thing that I am debating mentally is whether to follow the pattern instructions and knit the moss stitch front band separately, then stitch it on - or whether to simply work it all in with the fronts. I know why the designer did it the way she has - it will help the garment keep its shape, because the seam will add stability to the construction. But I am lazy. I know I should do this one by the pattern, but it will take longer.....

What else? I am running out of podcasts to listen to during my drive to and from work - the seemingly inexhaustible stack of Cast On issues has dwindled to just one. After that I shall have to wait for new episodes to go up, just like everyone else. But I do have the last series of Sticks & String still waiting for me though, and that's equally excellent. I just want more.....

To do today - more wardrobe sorting. I have lost my first rush of enthusiasm for this, but it really does need doing. Also, start that last display swatch. And knit more on Kimono. And enjoy the sunshine!


Lin said...

It must be great knitting those little samples!

Freddie Patmore said...

Hiya Fiona!

That Swatch looks amazing. I haven't done all of mine yet either; just working on my colourscape strip at the moment. It's such gorgeous yarn; put my bulk order in to becky yesterday.

Have you picked your freebies yet? How is your launch going?

Take care; Freddie xx